Bold and the Beautiful 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016


Bold and the Beautiful 11-23-16
Bold and the Beautiful 11-23-16 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016

Bold and the Beautiful 11-23-16 Recap, Everyone gathered at the Forrester mansion for Thanksgiving. Eric was grateful that Steffy got everyone together for Thanksgiving. When Brooke showed up with Ridge and RJ, Bill told her that he would be taking her home. When Katie showed up at the house, she reluctantly hugged Quinn.

Ridge approached Bill and wondered why he was there. Bill told him that he was invited and that he was engaged to Brooke. Maya and Rick showed up at the mansion with Lizzie and Nicole. Zende told Nicole that he had the ring in his pocket in case she changed her mind about marrying him. She let him know that she cared about him, but she didn’t want him to rush her.

Ridge was happy that Steffy managed to get everyone together. Eric wanted everyone to get together for a picture. Steffy gave thanks for Eric being happy and healthy. When everyone was at the table, they started the tradition of saying something nice about the person next to you.

Steffy told Rick that she couldn’t imagine Forrester without him and admired him. Rick thanked Maya for choosing him and having a family with him. Maya was grateful for the memories that Zende has given Nicole. Zende told Nicole how much he cared about her. Nicole appreciated Charlie’s friendship.

Everyone else said the nice things about each other. Quinn told Bill that she didn’t hate him anymore. She was thankful that he gave her Wyatt. Bill was grateful for Brooke. He couldn’t wait to cash in on their future together. They kissed each other. The tradition continued with everyone telling each other what they were thankful for this year.

Liam thanked Steffy for what she accomplished by bringing everyone together. They made a toast and wished each other Happy Thanksgiving. They had a tender moment with each other.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016.