Bold and the Beautiful 3-24-17 Recap 24th March 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 3-24-17
Bold and the Beautiful 3-24-17 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 3-24-17 Recap 24th March 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 3-24-17 Recap, Brooke talked to Eric about how weird it was that she would be marrying Ridge in Australia. She also talked to him about how Quinn was right for him. Quinn and Ridge talked about how they were getting married the next day. Quinn congratulated him on their wedding. Ridge told her that the wedding would be the end of their foolishness. Liam started to talk to Bill about Brooke marrying Ridge. Bill wanted to focus on being the father of the groom. Steffy told Sally that she didn’t want her to cause trouble at her wedding. Sally assured her that she wouldn’t cause trouble. Steffy told her that her wedding was supposed to be for the people that she loved. Steffy thought she was trying to turn her wedding into a spectacle. Sally wanted to start over with her.

Eric talked to Brooke about how Ridge and Quinn cared about each other. Brooke was about to say something about them, but she decided not to say anything. Quinn wanted Ridge and Brooke to be as happy as she is with Eric. Ridge told her that they would be happy. He didn’t want to see that Quinn made Eric happy but he could see it now. Eric wasn’t worried about anything that Katie had to say about Quinn. Brooke was able to see the smile on Eric’s face and knew they were happy. Brooke told Eric that this better be her last wedding. Eric assured him that it would be her last wedding.

Quinn wanted to wish Ridge the best for tomorrow. She started to walk away from him, but stopped herself and told him that something powerful happened between them. She told him that when they see each other that he should know that she remembered what happened between them. Sally wanted to start over with Steffy. Steffy had no intention of being friends with her. Thomas showed up so they talked about their argument. Steffy accused Sally of trying to leech off of her success. She wanted to know where Sally was hiding the camera. Sally told her that she didn’t have a camera. She told Sally that she wanted her to leave her reception. She also wanted Sally to leave Australia. Steffy grabbed Sally and accidentally pushed her in the water. Steffy laughed at Sally when she fell in the water.

Thomas dove in the water to save Sally. She wished that Steffy were the one that fall in the water. They joked around about what happened to her. Sally thanked him for saving her. Brooke ran into Bill when she was looking for Ridge. Bill told Brooke that he was sure that Ridge would screw her over and that they wouldn’t get married. Bill wasn’t sure what he would do now because he thought they would be the ones getting married. He promised her that he would be there for her even though they aren’t getting married. Ridge agreed that he and Quinn had a connection and a spark. He thought that it was special. Quinn told him how Eric was the first real love for her. She expressed how much Eric meant to him. She also said she found love twice. Ridge touched her face.

Quinn didn’t want Ridge to leave Brooke. She just wanted to acknowledge how she felt about him. She credited Eric for why she was able to feel something for Ridge. She promised him that no one would ever know about them. She said they would carry it with them forever. She was grateful to him. She put her hand on his chest. Brooke walked up on them but hid behind a tree. Quinn kissed Ridge on the cheek. Ridge ended up kissing her on the mouth and walked away. Quinn started to walk off, but she ran into Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful 3-24-17 Recap 24th March 2017.


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