Bold and the Beautiful 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 1-11-17
Bold and the Beautiful 1-11-17 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 1-11-17 Recap, Bill visited Katie and they talked about her living next door to Quinn. Katie wanted to know if he was still pining after Brooke. RJ offered to go with Brooke to visit Hope, but she wanted to go alone. Ridge let RJ know that he couldn’t go to Italy with Brooke because he had to take care of some things. He wanted to take care of Quinn and save the family.

Quinn talked to Wyatt about Steffy not wanting to live with them. Quinn advised Wyatt to keep working on Steffy because he’s the right one for her. She thought he could convince her to change her mind about the campaign. Liam and Steffy were kissing in her office when Wyatt showed up. Liam wanted to put something on the door to keep him from barging in on her. Wyatt advised him not to kiss her in the office. Liam and Wyatt argued over Steffy once again. Steffy tried to break it up. They were on opposite sides of whether Steffy should be involved with the campaign Wyatt was doing. Steffy thought the idea showed promise.

Quinn asked Ridge if he and Brooke were arguing. He told her that she was out of town. He noticed that Quinn didn’t look okay. She told him that Wyatt introduced her to tequila. Quinn wanted to know what he was going to do while Brooke was out of town. Bill showed up at Brooke’s house and wanted to know if she would leave without saying goodbye. He was happy that she was leaving Ridge. Bill was willing to go with her to visit Hope. He let her know that he was still waiting for her.

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Wyatt and Steffy talked about the campaign. He told her that he wasn’t trying to bribe her. He was willing to accept that she didn’t want to live at Eric’s place. He told her that he saw her potential and wanted her to try and do it. He knew that she was with Liam even though it bothered him. Wyatt reminded Steffy that their marriage wasn’t over yet. He told her that their vows meant something. She told him that she wasn’t living with him. He told her that they are still married and that it’s not too late for them.

Liam went to Quinn to tell her that her plan wouldn’t work. He told her that he knew that she was behind everything that’s going on with Steffy. She told him that Steffy is still married to her son and that she was going to help him. Liam told her that she would slip up and that everyone would be done with her. She thought he was trying to say that Steffy was starting to accept her. He let her know that everyone would be finished with her.

Bill offered to drive Brooke to the airport. He wanted to take her away from all of the distractions. She didn’t think it was a good idea. Brooke reminded Bill that she’s engaged. Bill told her that Ridge didn’t fight for her the way he did. Brooke told her that she was worth it. He told her that she couldn’t count on Ridge. He promised her that Ridge would do something to betray her. Liam told Ridge that now that Brooke is out of town, he had to start his plan to destroy Quinn. Bill wanted Brooke to realize that she wanted a life with him. Brooke was about to leave when Bill told her that he loved her and wanted her to be his wife.

Next on B&B Thomas returns to Forrester Creations with Steffy as his new boss; Eric unknowingly hands Ridge an opportunity to get back at Quinn.
Bold and the Beautiful 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017.

  • Tali salman‬‎

    That was a great Episode alot of things are happening and alot of couples can be created. Liam is very angry at Quinn and Wyatt the way they offered Steffy things. Liam knows Quinn she will do any thing to get Wyatt with Steffy. Ridge is still thinking on how to go about it he dosen’t want to scrow it up there is alot in stack any thing can happen. Brook is now going out of town and he will use the time for it. Bill on the other hand wants Brook to know that he still wants her to be his wife and he is not giving up very easily.Wyatt was very angry that Steffy was at Liam’s he was very hurt they are still merrid utill the divorce comes though.

    • Junele

      Where is the video? I see only adds ! Can you help me?