Bold and the Beautiful 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016


The Bold and the Beautiful 11-21-16
The Bold and the Beautiful 11-21-16

The Bold and the Beautiful 11-21-16 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 11-21-16 , Ridge reminded Brooke that Stephanie wanted them to be together. He also said that Stephanie wanted them to head the company and the family. He proposed to her with Stephanie’s ring. Brooke didn’t want to take off Bill’s ring without talking to him about it first.

RJ goes to see Bill at work. RJ asked Bill if he would make his mother happy if they were to get married. Bill knows that RJ wants his parents back together, but informs him that he is the one who is marrying his mother and not his father. Bill promised to make Brooke happier than she has ever been.

Steffy showed up at Eric’s mansion just as he realized that Quinn read the text he got from Katie. He realized that Quinn left to see Katie. Steffy wanted to know what was wrong, but he wouldn’t tell her. She told him that everything she did was out of love, but he knew that. She told him that it was wrong not to come to his wedding. He told her about Thanksgiving. She agreed to be there. She wondered where Quinn was. He told her that he thought she was next door. He told her that Rick let Katie know about a house next door and that Quinn wasn’t happy about it. Steffy wondered if Quinn was jealous of Katie.

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Quinn let Katie know that she wasn’t going to buy the house next door. Katie said that the house is close to her son’s school. Katie also told her that the conversation was a waste because she already put a bid in on the house. She wondered how Eric would react when she told him that she wasn’t buying the house because Quinn was jealous and didn’t trust him. Quinn told her that she didn’t trust her. Katie said that she wasn’t acting like she was secure in her marriage.

Katie warned her not to mess up her marriage. Quinn realized that Katie was right and that her past makes it easy to see threats in people. Quinn wasn’t sure if Katie was working with Ridge, but she assures her that she isn’t. Quinn apologized to her and left. After Quinn left, Katie was told that she got the house.

Next on Bold and the beautiful Steffy and Wyatt share a tender moment when she asks him to join the family at Thanksgiving; struggling with her feelings for Zende, Nicole is taken by surprise when he makes a significant romantic gesture.

The Bold and the Beautiful 11-21-16 Full Episode aired on 21st November 2016.