Bold and the Beautiful 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016


Bold and the Beautiful 11-22-16
Bold and the Beautiful 11-22-16 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016

Bold and the Beautiful 11-22-16 Recap, Pam and Steffy helped Quinn plan Thanksgiving for Eric. There was tension among the ladies. Maya and Rick confronted Zende for sleeping with Sasha. Nicole was outside listening to their conversation. Rick told Nicole that Eric wanted everyone together for Thanksgiving. Maya and Rick left Zende and Nicole alone to talk. Quinn mentioned to Steffy that Wyatt wasn’t going to be at the house for Thanksgiving.

Quinn wanted to talk to Steffy, but Steffy didn’t want to talk about her life. They talked about Wyatt. Quinn didn’t want him to be alone. She thought it would be hard for him to see Steffy with Liam, but she thought Wyatt should get over it. Quinn wanted Steffy to ask Wyatt to spend Thanksgiving with them.

Rick and Maya talked about Zende and Nicole. Rick thought Nicole should be forgiving. Nicole and Zende talked about his mistake. He wanted to get back together and declared his love for her.

Wyatt showed up at the Forrester mansion. Steffy asked him to come to dinner. He told her his plans, but she wanted him to come. He didn’t want to see her with Liam. She asked him to come again, but he thought it was too soon.

Steffy understood why Liam wouldn’t want to show up. She thought it would make things easier. He brought up their relationship and thought it was good. He asked her if it was good for her.

Zende wanted to know if Nicole could get past the affair. She thought it would be hard to get past it since she walked in on it. He told her why he had an affair. She thought Sasha wanted to destroy them and she did. He said he never stopped loving Nicole. He told her that she was the only woman he loved. She thought it was just words. He wanted to prove his love by showing her a ring box.

Eric was happy that Quinn and Steffy worked out their differences. Quinn hoped Wyatt would show up for Thanksgiving. Wyatt and Steffy talked about Quinn kidnapping Liam. She said she and Wyatt wouldn’t have been married. He had no regrets about marrying her. He thought she didn’t have any regrets either. He told her that he missed her. She wanted a new beginning with him. He said he might show up for dinner.

Nicole didn’t want Zende to open the ring box. He showed her the ring and wanted to get engaged. He proposed to her, but she turned him down. He asked her to come to Thanksgiving with him. He said he wanted her to be his wife.

Next on B&B Pam, Charlie, Katie and Brooke endure chaos in the kitchen as they prepare the Thanksgiving meal; the Forresters, Logans and Spencers put their family and business drama aside as they come together to show gratitude and enjoy family time together.
Bold and the Beautiful 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016.