Bold and the Beautiful 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016


Bold and the Beautiful 11-28-16 Recap
Bold and the Beautiful 11-28-16 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016

At Forrester, RJ helped Ridge with the models. RJ was attracted to one of the models. Nicole met with Zende. RJ wanted Brooke to be with Ridge and suggested that they come up with a plan to get her back. He told her that he wanted to move forward and wanted her to move forward with him.

Rick and Maya talked about Nicole’s situation with Zende. Maya blamed herself for Nicole getting hurt. Maya thought that asking Nicole to be their surrogate was the reason why she was hurt. Rick thought asking Nicole to be the surrogate didn’t hurt her. Zende hurt her.

Zende tried to justify his affair with Sasha, but it made Nicole upset. He thought he wasn’t the only one who messed up. She told him that she should have talked to him before having Rick and Maya’s baby. She also told him that it was her body and she could do what she wanted. She was planning on saving herself for him. He was happy when he thought she didn’t want to have Rick and Maya’s baby anymore. She thought that they didn’t want her to have the baby anymore.

Bill was happy that Brooke chose him over Ridge. He was glad that Ridge was out of her system. Ridge called her to ask her to go to a photo shoot with him in Malibu. Bill wanted Brooke to tell Ridge that she was going to be with him as of tomorrow. When Brooke agreed to go to the photo shoot, Ridge and RJ were excited.

Nicole told Zende that he was a good person. She didn’t think he cared about her enough. He said it wasn’t true. He wanted her to take his ring so he could prove that he was a better person. He wanted her to marry him.

Bill was happy that Brooke was going to cut ties with Ridge. He told her that they would be married in five hours. They declared their love for each other and reminded each other that they would be together in five hours,

Nicole turned down Zende’s proposal. He wanted her to keep the ring. She thought he would cheat on her again. She couldn’t marry him when she didn’t trust him. He kept telling her that he would earn her trust. He thought one day that she would be his wife. She said that was something she would never be.

Bill wanted to make arrangements for his wedding. Jake told Ridge that they did it. Ridge was happy and said he figured out a way for it to stay that way. Brooke showed up at the photo shoot with Ridge. She told him that she couldn’t stay. He wanted her to take Bill’s ring off her finger. She said he wanted her to move on without him. He told her not to marry Bill.

Next on B&B Brooke struggles with her feelings when Ridge surprises her with a romantic memento from their past; Nicole and Sasha throw accusations and blame at one another over their respective situations with Zende.
Bold and the Beautiful 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016.