Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016


Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-16
Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-16 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016

Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-16 Recap, Ridge told Brooke that she couldn’t marry Bill. Steffy went to see Bill. Steffy was surprised that he was marrying Brooke. He said that they were getting married despite what Ridge tried to do. She asked if he was worried that Ridge would talk Brooke out of marrying him, but he wasn’t worried about Ridge. Sasha talked to Nicole. She was sorry for betraying her. She wanted Nicole to give Zende another chance.

Sasha told Nicole about why she had an affair with Zende. Sasha reminded Nicole that she was the one who wanted to be Rick and Maya’s surrogate again and Zende didn’t want her to do it. Sasha continued to push for her to understand what she and Zende did. Nicole realized that Sasha was upset that Zende wanted to work things out with her. Nicole also told her that she couldn’t trust her again.

Steffy was still convinced that Ridge could convince Brooke to marry him, but Bill didn’t think so. Bill thought she was giving his relationship with Brooke her support, but she said she wasn’t doing that. Steffy questioned him about Liam, but he didn’t know where he was. Bill was happy that he and Brooke were getting married. Steffy wondered if he was going to take off with Brooke after she walks away from Ridge.

Nicole questioned Sasha about how she could betray her. Nicole also thought Sasha was jealous that their father made her a secret. Sasha wanted to know if she and Zende were back together. Nicole wanted to know how she could get the image of Sasha and Zende out of her head. Sasha begged Nicole to forgive Zende. Sasha said that Zende was in love with her more than ever. She wanted Nicole to forgive him and asked if she already did forgive him. Nicole told her that she told Zende she could never trust him again.

Ridge was surprised that Bill wanted Brooke to end things with him. She wanted Ridge to leave her and Bill alone. Ridge asked if that’s what she wanted. Ridge tried to convince Brooke to marry him and not Bill.

Sasha tried to get Nicole to give Zende another chance, but Nicole didn’t want to. Nicole blamed her for why she couldn’t give him another chance. Nicole was upset that Zende turned to her the way he did before. Sasha ended up turning things around and brought up the great life Nicole had.

Bill told Steffy how he was determined to keep Brooke and that Ridge was out of the picture. He was convinced that Brooke didn’t want to be with Ridge and that she chose to be with him.

Ridge wanted her to think about the life they could have with each other. She said she always wanted to be a Forrester. She said she would always love Ridge. She wanted him and RJ to accept the fact that she wanted to be with Bill. Ridge told her to be with Bill.

Nicole was done talking to Sasha. She told her that she could have Zende. Sasha thought there was more going on besides Zende. Sasha thought that Nicole resented her messing up her perfect life. Sasha brought up again that Nicole wanted to be the surrogate again. Nicole thought that Sasha took advantage of Zende. Sasha wanted Nicole to say whether or not she wanted Zende or she would lose him forever.

Steffy wished Bill luck in trying to get Brooke. Brooke saw the heart that Ridge had done for her. Ridge said he would never give up on her. The heart in the sand moved her.

Next on B&B Brooke realizes she is torn between two loves as Ridge’s grand gesture overwhelms her; on the heels of her fight with Nicole, Sasha finds Zende and implores to him that it is time to move on…with her.
Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016.