Bold and the Beautiful 3-21-17 Recap 21st March 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 3-21-17
Bold and the Beautiful 3-21-17 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 3-21-17 Recap 21st March 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 3-21-17 Recap, Steffy and Ivy talked to the press about her upcoming wedding. Steffy let the press know that the ceremony would be a private event. Thomas thanked them for showing up. Liam thanked Bill for coming to Australia for the wedding. They talked about Brooke. Bill wanted Liam to focus on himself because it was his wedding. Liam was anxious to find out what Steffy had planned for their wedding. Bill was sure that it would be a wedding that he wouldn’t forget.

Shirley called Sally and reminded her that Spectra Fashions was extinct and she needed to do something. Shirley told her to get the pictures from the wedding and post them online. Sally hung up on Shirley while she was talking to her. Eric was romantic with Quinn. He told her that she was the most beautiful person that he’s ever seen. She told him that her dreams begin and end with him. Ivy helped Steffy get ready for her wedding. She thanked Ivy for taking the time to help her out. Ivy talked to Steffy about being Liam’s past and she was his future. Ivy was happy that she and Liam were getting married.

Thomas went to his room and kissed Sally. He told her that Steffy’s wedding would be private so there no one could take pics or videos of the ceremony. He warned her that Steffy would go off if the wedding were leaked online. Ridge talked to Steffy before the wedding. He talked to her about how she would always be his little girl even though she’s getting married. Brooke and Katie were excited about the wedding. Brooke didn’t want Katie to talk to her about Ridge and Quinn again.

Shirley talked to Saul and Darlita about Sally being at the wedding. She thought it was an amazing coup that Sally was the only other fashion designer invited to the wedding. Saul didn’t like the way that Sally had to grovel at Thomas’ feet. Saul wondered if Thomas knew their plan. Darlita didn’t think that Sally was pretending to like Thomas. She believed that she actually liked him. Shirley didn’t think she was being helpful at all. Shirley hoped that Sally would get the photos from the wedding. Everyone prepared for the wedding. Ivy reminded everyone not to take pictures of the ceremony. Liam panicked when he saw Thomas with Sally. Thomas warned him that the wedding would be his funeral. Ridge prepared to walk Steffy down the aisle.

Next on B&B Steffy and Liam become joined in matrimony with iconic landmarks of Sydney as the backdrop; Wyatt sulks over a few drinks knowing that his ex-wife and brother are tying the knot.
Bold and the Beautiful 3-21-17 Recap 21st March 2017.



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