Bold and the Beautiful 3-23-17 Recap 23rd March 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 3-23-17
Bold and the Beautiful 3-23-17 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful 3-23-17 Recap 23rd March 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 3-23-17 Recap,Steffy wasn’t that thrilled with the idea of Sally being at her wedding. Sally told Thomas that she should probably leave the reception. Thomas kissed her. Eric was surprised to find out that there was another Sally Spectra. Quinn talked to him about it briefly before they started to kiss. There was a singer on the beach that dedicated a song to Liam and Steffy. Liam started the toast to Steffy. After he made his toast, the guests started making their toasts to the couple.

Steffy thanked everyone and wanted to get the reception started. Everyone started dancing once the DJ played music. Later on, Quinn told Eric that she wasn’t perfect. She wanted him to know that she loved him. Ridge told Brooke that he couldn’t wait to marry her. He told her that he loved her. She loved him too. Brooke saw that Eric was alone and wanted to talk to him.

Sally thought about Shirley telling her to get a picture of Steffy walking down the aisle. Thomas found her walking around and flirted with her. She told him that she should leave. Thomas reminded her that she was his guest and that she could stay. Sally let him know that she was too bold and brash and that she didn’t fit in there. She warned him that he would figure that out one day. Thomas had to do something so he walked off. She took her phone out and looked at the picture of Steffy walking down the aisle.

Quinn was walking on the beach and ran into Ridge. They stared at each other for a bit. Someone on the beach ran into Sally and she recognized her. She put Sally in her place about sponging off of the Forresters. Shirley called Sally to find out whether she got the pictures. Sally didn’t want to send the pictures. She reminded Sally that it was a private ceremony and that it would be hard to take their designs. Shirley demanded that she do something. Steffy ran into Sally and told her that she didn’t want her there. Quinn and Ridge talked briefly about the wedding. Brooke was sitting on the beach when Eric came up to her. They talked about what they have been through over the years. Eric toasted to Brooke that they were still around. There were different flashbacks of different times on the show.

Next on B&B Ridge and Quinn agree to put an end to their encounters because of his impending wedding to Brooke; Sally suffers the consequences of attending an event she was not officially invited to.
Bold and the Beautiful 3-23-17 Recap 23rd March 2017.


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