Bold and the Beautiful 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019


Bold and the Beautiful 4-15-19

Bold and the Beautiful 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 4-15-19 Recap,
Hope thought Flo was going to tell her that they were cousins. Wyatt apologized for telling it before Hope could. Shauna told Flo that she didn’t know Storm was her father. Shauna was sorry that she wouldn’t get a chance to meet him. Hope wanted to tell her family. Hope wanted Flo to meet the family.

Bill and Justin talked about Flo and how she wasn’t his daughter. Justin thought he wouldn’t know what to do with a daughter. Quinn showed up to see Bill. Justin left. Bill didn’t want to talk to her about Flo. Quinn was surprised that he was with Shauna. Bill said Shauna was gorgeous, but he was only with her one time. He told her not to be jealous. Quinn said she wasn’t jealous and was happy for Wyatt.

Bill and Quinn talked about Wyatt and Flo. Quinn said he went with Flo to tell the Logans about Flo. Quinn said the Logans better accept Flo. While they were talking, Quinn told him that Flo was Phoebe’s mother.

Brooke, Katie and Donna were shocked to see Hope with Flo, Shauna and Wyatt. Hope told them who Shauna was. Hope also said that Flo was going to change their lives. Katie asked if Wyatt had anything to do with the news. He said he and Flo used to date.

Bold and the Beautiful 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019

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Bold and the Beautiful 4-15-19
Bold and the Beautiful 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019

Brooke wondered if they knew Flo’s father. Wyatt said they did. When Shauna talked about Bill, Katie thought he was the father. Wyatt said Bill wasn’t her father. He showed them the results that said Storm was her father. Hope said Flo was a Logan.

Brooke, Katie and Donna questioned Shauna about Storm. Shauna told them how she met Storm. Shauna said she didn’t know that Storm was Flo’s father. Donna thought it was a lot to deal with. She thought that Storm would have made different choices if he knew about Flo. She believed Storm would have done everything for Flo. They agreed to do it for him.

Brooke said Storm would have loved Flo. They noticed how much Flo looked like Storm. They welcomed her to the family. Katie told Flo what Storm did to save her life. Katie let Flo feel his heartbeat.

Hope told Flo that she was part of the family. Hope thanked Flo for what she did for Steffy. Flo didn’t want to talk about it. Hope was happy that Phoebe was family. Shauna was shocked when she heard that. Shauna said Flo was never pregnant.

Next on B&B Flo asks a confused Shauna to play along when Hope brings up Phoebe. Bill comes to a stunning realization about why Quinn is so hard on the women in Wyatt’s life.

Bold and the Beautiful 4-15-19 Recap 15th April 2019.


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