Bold and the Beautiful 5-17-17 Recap 17th May 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 5-17-17

Bold and the Beautiful 5-17-17 Recap 17th May 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 5-17-17 Recap, Bill confronted Liam about opening his mouth to Steffy. Liam said that he couldn’t keep it from Steffy. Bill said it was his fault that he lost the building. Bill told Liam and Wyatt that he and Brooke were going to get married today. RJ was surprised that Brooke was going to get married today. RJ wanted to know what happened between her and Ridge. She said that Ridge would always have a place in her heart. He asked her how she was going to marry Bill when she loved Ridge. Katie told Quinn that Brooke was marrying Bill today.

Quinn was surprised that Brooke was marrying Bill. Katie asked her how she felt about that. Quinn was okay with it. Quinn wanted to see Brooke to talk about the designs. When she left, Ridge asked Katie and Ivy if they saw Brooke. Katie told him that Brooke was at her house getting ready to get married. Wyatt and Liam told Bill that they wouldn’t miss his wedding.

Brooke told RJ that she loved Bill. RJ said that she loved Ridge too. He said he didn’t want her to marry Bill when she really wanted to be with Ridge. He said that she knew a part of her still loved Ridge. Quinn interrupted their conversation. When RJ left, Brooke asked her how things were with Eric. Quinn said they were okay. Brooke reminded her that she told Katie not to say anything to Eric. Quinn said that she hasn’t had any contact with Ridge. Brooke was surprised since Ridge was staying at the guesthouse. Quinn said that it was Eric’s idea. Quinn said what happened in Australia scared her and that she didn’t want to risk losing Eric. Quinn wondered if Brooke was considering going back to Ridge.

RJ told Coco that he found out about Brooke’s wedding today. He told her that he was cool with the wedding as long as Brooke was. He didn’t think that she should marry Bill when she was in love with his father. Katie told Ridge that Brooke wasn’t ready to forgive him. Ridge said that he had to find a way to get Brooke to see that he wasn’t giving up. Ivy told him that he would have to work soon because she was getting married. He said she wasn’t married yet.

Brooke told Quinn that she still had feelings for Ridge. She said that she would have married Ridge if Quinn didn’t kiss him. Brooke said that Quinn and Ridge were alike. They both had deep flaws. Quinn agreed with her. Quinn asked if she was having second thoughts about marrying Bill. Brooke asked her what she thought she should do.

Bold and the Beautiful 5-17-17 Recap 17th May 2017

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Bold and the Beautiful 5-17-17
Bold and the Beautiful 5-17-17 Recap 17th May 2017

Bill told Wyatt, Liam, and Justin that Ridge screwed up for how he got Brooke. Bill wondered what he did. Katie yelled at Ridge for being with his father’s wife. Ridge said he felt bad about what he did to Brooke and RJ. He wanted her to give him a break. Coco told RJ that his parents would find their way back together if Brooke still loved him. RJ wouldn’t put anything past his father.

Brooke asked Quinn what she would do in her position. Quinn said she was happily married to Eric. Quinn said she and Bill never got along. Brooke thought it wouldn’t have bothered her if she married Ridge. Quinn said it was over with Ridge and that nothing would ever happen with him again. Quinn asked if she was having second thoughts about Bill. Before Brooke could answer, Ridge interrupted them. Quinn left to go back to work. Ridge told Brooke not to marry Bill because she would regret it.

Ivy told Quinn that Ridge wasn’t giving up on Brooke. Ivy wanted to know if Quinn had feelings for Ridge. Quinn said she didn’t have feelings for him. Ivy asked if she would be upset if she married Ridge. Quinn said that she would be fine with it. Ivy asked her if she forgot about what they shared.

Ridge told Brooke that he would love one more chance with her. He said he made a huge mistake. He wanted to go back in time to change it, but he couldn’t. We said they both made mistakes over the years and they always found their way back to each other. He didn’t want her to make a mistake that couldn’t be fixed. He said he would go to the house and wait for her. He said he knew that she remembered their place. He wanted her to come home with him so he could say his vows to her. He said it has always been her. He wanted to spend the rest of his days with her because he loved her. He asked her to marry him.

Next on B&B Ridge makes a tantalizing offer to Brooke in exchange for her not marrying Bill; Quinn makes a provocative phone call in hopes of correcting a significant mistake she made.
Bold and the Beautiful 5-17-17 Recap 17th May 2017.