Bold and the Beautiful 6-1-17 Recap 1st June 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 6-1-17

Bold and the Beautiful 6-1-17 Recap 1st June 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 6-1-17 Recap, idge and Quinn kissed on the bed. Thomas met Eric at Forrester. Eric wanted to end the estrangement between them. Eric hoped that was why he was there. Thomas said he wanted to end it too. Katie told Ivy that she was going to have dinner with Eric and Quinn.

Thomas was okay that Ridge wasn’t at Forrester. Thomas said he and Ridge were going through it. Eric said that anger and love was hard to tell with fathers and sons. Thomas said he couldn’t say he wasn’t angry at Ridge. Eric thought he was angry with him too. Thomas said he wasn’t. He was tired of being upset. He said he wished he wasn’t push over. He decided not to come back to Forrester.

Ivy told Katie that there was no need for concern about Ridge and Quinn. Katie wanted it to stay that way. Katie thought it was great that Ridge was close to his father, but not with Quinn. Quinn and Ridge stopped kissing each other. She wanted to know what they were doing. He said he didn’t know.

Bold and the Beautiful 6-1-17 Recap 1st June 2017

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Bold and the Beautiful 6-1-17
Bold and the Beautiful 6-1-17 Recap 1st June 2017

Ivy told Katie that she was too suspicious. Katie said she learned from experience. Ivy said there were a lot of reasons why Quinn and Ridge shouldn’t be together, but she couldn’t think of one reason why they should. Katie told Ivy that Quinn only wanted her at Forrester to shut her up. Katie said she would make Quinn pay if she tried to push her. Katie said her loyalty was with Eric.

Eric wanted Thomas to go to Paris to think about his decision, but Thomas didn’t want to. Thomas wanted to start over somewhere else so he could find out his true potential. Eric knew he was going to start over at Spectra. Eric thought that Sally wanted Thomas’s money. Thomas said she didn’t want his money and that she wasn’t going to do knockoffs. Eric wasn’t convinced. Thomas said that he wanted to tell him about his decision. He didn’t want him to change his mind. Eric decided to support Thomas’s decision.

Quinn didn’t know what she was doing with Ridge. She was upset that they almost had sex in Eric’s guesthouse. Ridge said they didn’t because they stopped. She thought it was too close. She told him that they could never do this again. She left to get ready for dinner.

Eric asked if Thomas knew, but he said she didn’t. Eric thought that Steffy was going to think she was the reason why he was leaving. Eric was okay with Thomas going out on his own because his children did that once. He said he wouldn’t banish him. He said that Forrester would be Thomas’s home.

Ivy thought it wouldn’t be fair for Eric and Quinn to be punished for a little kiss. Katie said that Ridge was Eric’s son and he shouldn’t be betraying him. Ivy said that nothing was going on. Katie said that secrets made it worse. She said the longer she kept quiet the more she felt involved. She thought Eric deserved to know the truth.

Quinn told Ridge not to be at the house. He said he was invited to dinner. She said for him to make an excuse. He said he lived there. She said she couldn’t be in the same room as he. She said he lost the love of his life and she didn’t want to lose hers. Eric walked in and wondered if they were talking about the same thing he and Katie talked about. Eric said he and Katie were close and they talk to each other.

Ivy wanted Katie to cause a scene. Ivy said people always kiss the wrong man. Katie said she felt protected by Eric her whole life. She said how was she supposed to protect him by lying to him. She said lying hurt more than telling the truth. Katie asked which one deserved their loyalty Eric or Quinn.

Ridge said Katie liked to blow things out of proportion. Quinn said Katie despised her. Eric said Katie never said that to her. Ridge said she always threatened to tell him. Eric asked if Katie’s designs were that bad. Ridge said they were talking about her pieces. Eric wanted to know if they could use more than one piece. Eric was glad to hear it. He said they were all a great team. He told them that he invited Katie to dinner so they could tell her. Quinn said she couldn’t do this because Katie was going to know. She said Katie would look at her face and know. She wondered if she should make an excuse to leave. He said she should since she couldn’t stay in the same room. Katie showed up at the house.

Next on B&B Thomas’ new business venture is met with mixed reviews; Steffy confronts Sally to assure her that Spectra Fashions will never be true competition for Forrester Creations.
Bold and the Beautiful 6-1-17 Recap 1st June 2017.

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