Bold and the Beautiful 6-8-17 Recap 8th June 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 6-8-17

Bold and the Beautiful 6-8-17 Recap 8th June 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 6-8-17 Recap, Someone took a shot at Quinn, but missed her. She ran inside and told Ridge. She told him not to go outside, but he did. Rick told Zende that he and Maya came back sooner because Maya missed Lizzie. Rick told Zende how Nicole called them and was upset. Zende said he and Nicole were going through something. Nicole told Maya that she found out that she might not be able to have another child. Quinn told Ridge that Katie was the one that tried to shoot her.

Ridge told Quinn that the police would be at the house. He couldn’t believe that Katie would do it, but Quinn said that she pulled a gun on her before. She said she wasn’t sure if it was Katie, but she suspected that she did. She couldn’t think of anyone else who would want to kill her, but she thought it was Katie.

Zende told Rick about Nicole’s infertility issues. Zende believed that they would still have a child. Maya told Nicole that she and Zende would have a child. Nicole said she didn’t think that she would have trouble getting pregnant since she didn’t have any trouble having Lizzie. Nicole said that she knows Zende wants a family. Maya told her that she would have her own family one day.

Bold and the Beautiful 6-8-17 Recap 8th June 2017

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Bold and the Beautiful 6-8-17
Bold and the Beautiful 6-8-17 Recap 8th June 2017

Lt. Baker showed up at the Forrester mansion to ask questions. Ridge told him what happened to Quinn. He told Baker that Quinn suspected Katie of shooting her because she was fired. Ridge wanted Baker to go to Katie’s house, but he didn’t have enough evidence to go there. Baker wanted to know if something was going on between Katie and Quinn. Quinn went to Katie’s house to confront her about trying to shoot her. Katie tried to deny it. Quinn asked her if she wanted her dead.

Rick told Zende that he and Maya never thought they would have a child. Zende said Nicole made it happen for them. Rick said Nicole would make it happen for them too. Zende said he and Nicole would have another child. Zende said Lizzie wouldn’t be the only child Nicole had. Carter showed up to see Rick. Carter told Rick that there was an issue with Lizze’s adoption.

Maya wanted to know why Nicole didn’t tell her about her issues. Nicole didn’t want to worry her. Maya wanted to know what was going on. Maya tried to make Nicole feel better about not having a child. Nicole said that the only child she would ever have she gave away to Maya and Rick.

Ridge told Baker that Katie meant to shoot Quinn. Katie told Quinn that she didn’t try to shoot her. Quinn wanted to know who did if she didn’t. Katie said she didn’t try to kill her. Quinn saw the telescope Katie used. She asked Katie if she was spying on her. Katie admitted that she was. Katie said she was watching her because she was betraying Eric. Katie said she didn’t try to kill her no matter what Quinn tried to do to her. Quinn said Katie reminded her of someone she used to be. Katie threw her out of the house.

Carter told Rick that papers needed to be sign. He said that he needed new signatures on the new documents. Carter said he needed Nicole and Maya’s signatures on it. Rick wanted to read the documents. Maya asked Nicole if she and Lizzie bonded while she was gone. Nicole said she did. Nicole said Zende did too. Maya said that she and Nicole had a bond. Maya said one day she would have her own child.

Katie talked to herself about Quinn accusing her of being like her. Katie looked through her telescope. Quinn told Baker what happened. She told him that she went to Katie’s. She said Katie denied shooting her. Baker wanted to know why she would do it. She said that no one tries to shoot her. Ridge wanted to know if Baker was going to question her. He said he would. Quinn told him that Katie had a telescope and was watching her. She told him that Katie had a breaking point. Baker warned her not to go around accusing people. Baker wanted to talk to Ridge. While they were talking, Quinn went back on the balcony. Someone pointed a gun at Quinn.

Next on B&B Thomas attempts to play mediator between a quarreling Steffy and Sally over lunch; Katie must respond to severe allegations by Quinn to the police.
Bold and the Beautiful 6-8-17 Recap 8th June 2017.

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