Bold and the Beautiful 6-9-17 Recap 9th June 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 6-9-17

Bold and the Beautiful 6-9-17 Recap 9th June 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 6-9-17 Recap, Steffy let Liam know that they were having lunch with Thomas and Steffy. Thomas made designs for Sally. She thought the designs were too expensive. He wanted her to be a force to reckon with. He told her that they were having lunch with Steffy. Quinn told Wyatt that Katie tried to shoot her. Lt. Baker went to Katie’s place to question her about the shooting. She said that Quinn came by and told her about it. He wanted to ask her questions about it. She thought he wanted to do it because of Quinn. She said he couldn’t possibly believe that she would shoot at Quinn.

Liam was surprised that Steffy would have lunch with Sally. Steffy said Liam would be the only thing that would stop her from strangling Sally. Steffy blamed her for why Thomas left the company. Sally was shocked that Steffy agreed to have lunch with her. She was willing to be friends with Steffy.

Eric was surprised that Katie would try to shoot Quinn. Quinn said she fired her and that made her do it. Katie told Baker that she pulled a gun on her. He told her that the bullet came from Katie’s direction. He wanted her to come down to the police station to answer some questions. He asked if that was a problem for her. She said it wasn’t. She agreed to go if it would clear her name.

Bold and the Beautiful 6-9-17 Recap 9th June 2017

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Bold and the Beautiful 6-9-17
Bold and the Beautiful 6-9-17 Recap 9th June 2017

Steffy told Liam that she wasn’t convinced Thomas could change things at Spectra. Thomas liked the outfit that he gave Sally. He thought it was the new and improved Sally. She wondered what Steffy would think of her outfit.

Eric couldn’t believe that Katie would have a gun. Ridge said that Katie went off the deep end. Eric wanted Wyatt to stay with Quinn. Eric was going to talk to Katie. Ridge wanted Eric to let the police handle it. Katie was upset about being at the police station. Baker said there was nothing wrong. They were just sitting at the police station. He asked if Katie tried to kill Quinn.

Steffy, Liam, Sally, and Thomas had lunch together. Steffy told Thomas that she wanted him back to the office. She said that’s where he belonged. Baker asked Katie if she shot
Quinn. She said it was the most ridiculous thing she heard. He asked her to take a gun residue test and she agreed. Her hands started shaking after she took the test. Baker wanted her sleeve to be checked too. She said it wasn’t going to show anything because she didn’t try to shoot her.

Wyatt couldn’t believe that Katie would shoot anyone. He wondered why Quinn would work with her. Quinn thought it would make things easier for them until she fired her. Wyatt and Ridge went to check the bullet hole. Quinn got a pair of binoculars and saw “Katie” in Katie’s house. Quinn wondered why “Katie” wasn’t at the police station.

Steffy asked Thomas about Spectra. Thomas and Sally told her what was going on at Spectra. Steffy wasn’t impressed with what was going on. Sally apologized for stealing from her company. She didn’t want Steffy to question her love for Thomas because she has a lot of respect for him. She said she was lucky to have him in her life.

Wyatt asked Ridge if Katie could be the shooter. Baker wanted Katie to tell him about her relationship with Quinn. Eric showed up at the police station. Eric said that Quinn was upset. He wanted to talk to Katie alone. Katie said Eric could talk in front of Baker. Eric said he admired and respected her. She said the things he heard weren’t true. He asked if she held a gun to Quinn. She said she did. He asked if she tried to kill his wife. She said she didn’t. She said she doesn’t like Quinn, but she wouldn’t kill her. She said that someone tried to kill his wife. Quinn went to Katie’s house to see if she was there. She saw someone in Katie’s house. Quinn asked who she was. It turned out to be Sheila.
Next on B&B Thomas attempts to play mediator between a quarreling Steffy and Sally over lunch; Katie must respond to severe allegations by Quinn to the police.
Bold and the Beautiful 6-9-17 Recap 9th June 2017.