Bold and the Beautiful 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019


Bold and the Beautiful 7-12-19

Bold and the Beautiful 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 7-12-19 Recap,Thomas and Hope told Ridge and Brooke that they were telling Douglas about their engagement tonight. Brooke said she was shocked that Douglas didn’t ask about the engagement since it wss his idea.

Bold and the Beautiful 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019

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Bold and the Beautiful 7-12-19

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Bold and the Beautiful 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019

When Brooke and Ridge were by themselves, she told him that Hope didn’t love Thomas. She said Thomas was using Douglas. Ridge didn’t like how she saw Thomas that way. She said she hated how Thomas made her feel that way.

Douglas and Hope were talking. Thomas came in and said he had something to tell him. Douglas noticed that Hope was wearing the ring. Douglas thought she was marrying Thomas. She said she would be his new mother. She told him that Caroline would still be his mother. Douglas wanted them to get married soon. She said there were things to work out. Thomas thought they should move up the wedding.

Hope went to talk to Brooke and Ridge. Brooke told her to go to the cabin. Ridge thought Hope wanted to wait for Thomas. Ridge went to get champagne. Brooke told Hope that she was making a mistake. Brooke told her to wait to get married.

Thomas set up a projection of a ghost on a wall. He got Douglas’ attention and then got out of sight. Douglas was scared when he saw it. Hope and Thomas came in to help Douglas. Hope wanted to be a family right away. Douglas called her mommy. Thomas thought to himself that his plan worked. He said Hope would finally be his.

Wyatt brought Flo dinner at Forrester. She said that she wasn’t letting him go now that she had him back. Sally was watching them while they were kissing. Sally thought about when she and Wyatt did the same thing.

Flo said she didn’t realize that Sally was still at work. Sally said she was always there. Sally sent Flo to payroll to update her address. Sally also gave her an assignment to do. When Flo left, Wyatt wondered if she was trying to get rid of Flo.

Sally told Wyatt that she wanted to spend time with him. They talked about why they broke up. She said she regretted letting Thomas come between them. She said she was glad that Flo made him happy. She said she still had feelings for him. She said she didn’t forget how good they were together. She didn’t think he forgot either. She kissed him.

Bold and the Beautiful 7-12-19 Recap 12th July 2019.


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