Bold and the Beautiful 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019


Bold and the Beautiful 9-6-19

Bold and the Beautiful 9-10-19 Recap 9th September 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 9-10-19 Recap, Shauna asked Ridge to help Flo. Ridge said he wouldn’t help Flo because of what she did to Steffy. Shauna said he should be mad at Flo, but she was remorseful. She begged him to let Flo go.

Steffy didn’t want Thomas to talk. He thanked her for coming to see him. She said she was upset when she heard he fell. She said she wanted to wait until he was better so he could hear what she had to say.

Bold and the Beautiful 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019

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Shauna and Ridge talked about Flo being used. Ridge said she signed the papers. He said she knew what she was doing. Shauna said Thomas knew too. She said he threatened people to keep quiet.

Detective Sanchez wanted to know what Ridge was going to do. Ridge said he would do it. Shauna said she didn’t know how to repay him. He said he did it for his son. She was still grateful for his help. She said she felt the same way about Flo that he does about Thomas.

Steffy didn’t care about Flo’s apology. Flo said she didn’t expect to be forgiven. Flo said she didn’t forgive herself. Steffy said she should hate herself. Flo said she felt bad for everyone.

Steffy told Flo about the pain Liam and Hope were in. Steffy said Phoebe was her family. Flo said she couldn’t imagine what she was going through. Steffy said she didn’t care if she was sorry. Steffy said she was standing in the ruins of her happy family because Flo was too selfish to tell the truth.

Steffy told Flo that she stole Beth from Hope and Liam and stole Phoebe from her. Steffy called her disgusting. Steffy told her to live with her worthless self behind bars. Steffy wanted her to think about what she did. Steffy wanted her to rot in prison.

Detective Sanchez brought Flo to a room with Shauna and Ridge. Flo thought Shauna was being harassed. Shauna told her that she was going home. Detective Sanchez told her that Ridge did her a favor by not opposing the immunity. Ridge said he didn’t do it for her. Flo said she would do whatever it took to make up for the things she did. She said she would get Ridge’s respect back. Shauna said she would pay him back.

Douglas asked Brooke, Donna and Katie when his father was coming back. Brooke said he was taking a time out. She took him to see Beth. Donna and Katie said it was a miracle that Beth was alive. Katie was glad that Flo was getting justice.

Brooke came back and told Donna and Katie that Thomas needed to be in prison for years. Katie wanted her to think about her marriage. She said it was a recipe for disaster. They talked about Douglas. Brooke said she wouldn’t let Thomas ruin his life. They talked about Flo and Shauna and what they did. Brooke said they were both going to pay for what they did.

Bold and the Beautiful 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019.


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