Bold and the Beautiful 9-9-19 Recap 9th September 2019


Bold and the Beautiful 9-6-19

Bold and the Beautiful 9-9-19 Recap 9th September 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 9-9-19 Recap,

Thomas thanked Ridge for not giving up on him. Ridge said he was upset with him. Ridge said he would be there for him. Detective Sanchez called Ridge. He wanted to see Ridge at the jail. Ridge said everything would be okay. Ridge said he would have to make up for what he did, but he wouldn’t do it from jail. When Ridge left, Steffy showed up.

Steffy didn’t want Thomas to talk. He thanked her for coming to see him. She said she was upset when she heard he fell. She said she wanted to wait until he was better so he could hear what she had to say.

Bold and the Beautiful 9-9-19 Recap 9th September 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 9-9-19, Ridge is torn about what to do regarding Thomas. Ridge knows that Thomas messed up, but he is still his son. Ridge doesn’t like the fact that Thomas is in the hospital. What does he do to help out Thomas? Will it affect Brooke?

Bold and the Beautiful 9-9-19 Recap 9th September 2019

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She asked what was wrong with him. She said he had the chance to end Hope’s pain away. She said he couldn’t love Hope and let her be in pain. She said he manipulated Douglas. Thomas didn’t think he did that.

Steffy told Thomas that it was cruel to let her raise Beth and let her bond with her. She said the girls were confused because of him. She said she would never forgive him for what he did to the girls. She said it hurt to watch Kelly look for her sister and father. Thomas said he was trying to protect her. She said he betrayed her. She said his lie was disgusting because he knew what she was doing for Kelly. She said he crossed a line. She said they were moving on without him.

Shauna told Flo that she didn’t have the money to get her out of jail. Flo thought she was getting what she deserved. She said she hoped Thomas went to jail. Shauna hoped the police did something about him threatening her.

Ridge told Detective Sanchez that Thomas messed up, but didn’t break the law. Detective Sanchez said he was closing Emma’s case since there wasn’t enough evidence of foul play. Ridge was happy.

Ridge was shocked that the charges against Flo were going to be dropped. She was going to get immunity to help get Reece. Ridge was against it. Detective Sanchez said if Flo went to trial, she would tell what Thomas did. He said there would be more interest in Emma’s case.

Ridge thought it would be good for Thomas. Detective Sanchez wanted him to talk to Brooke and Hope about it. Flo told Shauna that she would feel guilty forever. Shauna thought she should be doing more. Flo didn’t want her to go in debt trying to help her. Flo said she would be in jail for years. Shauna said she wouldn’t give up. When Shauna left, she heard Detective Sanchez tell Ridge that Flo’s fate was in his hands. Shauna asked him to help her daughter.

Next on B&B, Steffy is upset with Thomas and Flo. Steffy has always been a fan of her brother, but what he did is the last straw. She lets Thomas know that she is furious with him for making her think that Beth was her daughter. Steffy doesn’t stop at Flo. She lets Flo that she is upset with her too. Will Steffy find a way to forgive them?

Bold and the Beautiful 9-9-19 Recap 9th September 2019.


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