Bold and the Beautiful 6-14-17 Recap 14th June 2017


Bold and the Beautiful 6-14-17

Bold and the Beautiful 6-14-17 Recap 14th June 2017

Bold and the Beautiful 6-14-17 Recap, Bill told Wyatt that Sheila tried to shoot Quinn. Bill said that Sheila was crazier than Quinn. Ridge told Quinn that Sheila was crazy. Sheila told Baker that she didn’t break in Katie’s house. Sheila told Eric that she wouldn’t shoot Quinn.

Ridge tried to help Quinn relax. He wanted to know what to do to make her feel better. She said the person you love would always love you no matter what would make her feel better.

Baker wanted to know what Sheila wanted with Katie. Sheila said she wanted Katie to put in a good word for her with Eric. Katie confirmed the story. Sheila denied trying to shoot Quinn.

Liam and Bill told Wyatt about Sheila’s past. Wyatt didn’t like the idea of Sheila trying to kill his mother. Quinn wondered why Eric puts up with her. Ridge said that Eric liked woman who were troubled. Quinn opened up to Ridge about her mother and how she was afraid of her.

Katie told Baker that Sheila didn’t hurt her. She said Sheila’s voice was threatening. She didn’t know what would have happened if she didn’t have the poker. Katie asked if she could leave. Baker told her she could go.

Eric thanked Katie for helping Quinn. Katie said there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Sheila didn’t think anyone would believe her if Eric didn’t. Eric wanted to get Sheila a lawyer.

Liam told Bill that he wouldn’t get Spectra. Liam said he heard it today. Bill couldn’t believe Ridge wouldn’t cut Thomas off.

Quinn was tired of being scared. She wanted Ridge to talk about his life. He told her what he went through with Thomas. He told her about his conversation with Brooke. Quinn couldn’t believe that Sheila would try to kill her.

Bold and the Beautiful 6-14-17 Recap 14th June 2017

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Bold and the Beautiful 6-14-17
Bold and the Beautiful 6-14-17 Recap 14th June 2017

Sheila told Eric that she wouldn’t hurt anyone. He told her about the things she has done in the past. There were flashbacks about what she did. She said that was in the past. She said she went to Katie because she was kind. Sheila asked if he believed that she was telling the truth.

Sheila wanted to take a polygraph. She told Baker that there was no evidence against her. She reminded Eric about their past together. He said that he remembered everything. He asked about the restraining order he had against her. He wanted her arrested.

When Katie went home, she looked through her telescope. Quinn was on the balcony while Katie was looking through the telescope. Someone shot at Quinn again.

Next on B&B Ridge stuns Brooke with an old memory. Eric vows to discover who is threatening Quinn.

Bold and the Beautiful 6-14-17 Recap 14th June 2017.