Coronation Street Spoilers April 4 – 8 , 2016


Coronation Street Spoilers April

Coronation Street Spoilers April 4 – April 8 , 2016

Check out the day to day spoilers below to find out what’s happening on ITV soap opera Coronation Street during the week of April 4 to April 8 , 2016.

Coronation Street Spoilers April 4 – 8, 2016

Coronation Street Spoilers April 4,Monday

Tracy rages at Robert for all the attention he lavishes on Carla and drops the bombshell that she knows he slept with her. Meanwhile, Michelle tells Will he should find another wedding planner as she enjoys his company a bit too much, and Sally creates more problems when she orders Tim and Craig to knock down the garden fence.

Tracy admits to Robert that she has known about his infidelity since the night of the bistro robbery and used her power to manipulate Carla. Meanwhile, Saskia calls in the Rovers complaining about Michelle dropping her and Will as clients, and Sophie confides in Tim about Kate.

Coronation Street April 5, Wednesday

Tracy tells Carla that Robert has dumped her and there is nothing to stop her from revealing the truth to Nick. Meanwhile, Caz warns Sophie to stay away from Kate, and Chris surprises Liz when he suggests they should go for coffee.

Coronation Street Spoiler April 8, Friday

Caz is shocked when she finds Kate and Sophie kissing, while Tim hides from Sally when she expects him to attend a dinner date with a councillor. Meanwhile, Tracy resorts to washing up at the bistro in the hope of regaining Robert’s trust, and Chris continues to charm Liz.

Sophie is heartbroken when Kate tells Caz that the kiss meant nothing, while Sally rails at Tim for letting her down. Meanwhile, Liz warms to Chris as they have a drink together, and Tracy’s hard work in the bistro pays off with Robert.



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