Days of Our Lives 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-7-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 11-7-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016

Jennifer confronted JJ about what he said when he was in a coma. She told him that he was sorry and hoped that Gabi forgave him. Jennifer wanted to know what he meant. Deimos was upset that he didn’t get the results of Chloe’s paternity test. Chloe told him that he wasn’t the father. Chloe looked for Nicole to side with her, but she sided with Deimos.

JJ said that the meds were messing with his head. Jennifer thought he was guilty about something. He blamed it on his job. He was furious that she talked to Kayla about what he said. He was also upset when Jennifer kept telling him about hiding something from Gabi. He admitted to cheating on Gabi. He said he cheated while he was in Miami looking for Abby.

He explained why he cheated on Gabi. Deimos went to check on the results of the paternity test. When he left, Nicole questioned Chloe about her one night stand. Chloe was upset that Nicole brought Deimos with her and that he made her get another paternity test. Nicole tried to justify Deimos’ actions. Chloe asked if she loved Deimos. Deimos found out he wasn’t the father of Chloe’s baby. He said he felt sorry for the father. Nicole left with him instead of staying with Chloe.

Jennifer and JJ talked about him cheating on Gabi. Jennifer suggested that he tell Gabi the truth about his affair. He didn’t want to tell Gabi. Chad and Gabi met with Bradley (an investor) and his wife. Vicky grilled Gabi about Chad and how he is lonely. When Nicole and Deimos went back to the mansion, he was happy that she chose him over Chloe. He thought there was still a chance for them. Chloe called Philip to meet with her. She wanted his advice. She told him that Nicole was the mother of her baby.

Jennifer continued to talk JJ into telling Gabi the truth, but he thought he didn’t deserve her. Bradley wasn’t interested in investing in DiNers Enterprises. Vicky sent Bradley to get her shawl. When he left, she flirted with Chad. Deimos apologized to Nicole for hurting her. He wanted the chance to prove himself to her. Chloe told Philip how she became Nicole and Daniel’s surrogate. Chloe wasn’t sure if she should tell Nicole the truth while she was with Deimos.

Philip thought she should tell Nicole the truth. Deimos continued to convince Nicole to give him another chance. Chloe still didn’t want to tell Nicole the truth right away. Philip agreed to keep her secret. He also admitted to being in love with her. Vicky blackmailed Chad into being with her if he wanted Bradley to be an investor. Gabi interrupted and said that Chad was hers. Gabi kissed Chad.

By Michele and Cheryl

Days of Our Lives 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016.