Days of Our Lives 11-9-16 Recap 9th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-9-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 11-9-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-9-16 Recap 9th November 2016

Rafe went to see Andre to find out what his deal with Hope was. Marlena went to see Hope to let her know that everyone was going to be there for her. Theresa talked to Shane about what she did to Brady. Shane told her to tell Brady the truth, but she didn’t want to.

Theresa got a call from Mateo. Andre reminded Rafe how Hope framed him for murdering Stefano. Andre told Rafe that Hope was going to pay for what she did. Sonny told Justin that he is still in love with Adrienne. Andre ran into Kate and she was upset with him for getting revenge on Hope. He defended his actions, but Kate thought he shouldn’t get back at Hope for killing Stefano. Kate thought Andre should be more forgiving if he wanted forgiveness.

Mateo met Theresa in an alley. He gave her a gift. He told her that he loved her. She wanted him to let her go. She let him know that she has a fiancé and a child, but he wanted to be with her. She wanted more time to make a clean get away after he told her that no one has ever told him no. She wanted to convince Brady not to come after her when she went to Mexico. She thought Brady had enough money to be a problem for him. Mateo was willing to give her more time. She wanted something from him,

Justin wanted to talk business with Sonny. Justin was concerned about a deal that Eduardo made with Deimos. Justin wanted Sonny to keep an eye out on the docks. Justin wanted Sonny to keep an eye on Deimos. Andre ran into Marlena at the police station. She told him how she felt about him exposing Hope for what she did.

When he reminded her that he saved her life, she questioned how he knew where Orpheus was. He didn’t tell her how he knew. Andre went to see Hope. She wanted him to keep Rafe and Roman out of the cover up of Stefano’s murder. He told her that she had to take responsibility for the murder in order to get Rafe and Roman off the hook. She wanted to know if she had his word that she would leave Rafe and Roman out of it.

Brady talked to Marlena about Theresa’s behavior. Marlena gave him advice on how to deal with Theresa. Marlena thought he should give Theresa some time to come around. He wanted to give her a vacation. Sonny hired Paul to work with him to watch the docks. Paul wasn’t sure if that was a great idea. Brady found Theresa and questioned where she was. She lied and said she was hanging out with friends. He wanted to know what was going on with her.

He suggested that they go on a trip with Tate. She walked away from him. He found pills in her pocketbook. Rafe and Justin asked Hope how her meeting with Andre went. She told them that Andre would go along with her deal if she pled guilty. Shane wanted to meet with Steve so he could help with Hope. Hope found out that the D.A. was going to ask for the death penalty when her case goes to trial.

By Michele and Cheryl

Days of Our Lives 11-9-16 Recap 9th November 2016.