Days of Our Lives 3-31-17 Recap 31st March 2017


Days of Our Lives 3-31-17
Days of Our Lives 3-31-17 Recap

Days of Our Lives 3-31-17 Recap 31st March 2017

Days of Our Lives 3-31-17 Recap, Chad showed up at the DiMera mansion and saw Abby. She confronted him about what happened to Deimos. She yelled at him because the war was going to continue after what he did. Chloe showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and they argued over Holly being missing. They blamed each other for what happened to her. Nicole tried to convince Brady not to stay with her, but he wanted to be there with her. She warned him that Tate wouldn’t have a life constantly on the run and that he would lose his father if something happened to him. Brady didn’t think anything would happen to them.

Andre visited Gabi at the hospital, but she didn’t want to see him. He talked to her about being in love with his brother. Hillary and her husband (Scooter) showed up at Nicole’s place. She was surprised to see Tate. She didn’t know that Nicole and Brady had a “son”. Hillary talked to Brady about being an engineer and thought that he and her husband had a lot in common. Abby and Chad argued because she didn’t think that the war would be over between them. Jennifer met with Maggie and she told him that she had a date with Eric. She wanted to make sure that it was okay with Maggie that she dated him. Maggie reminded her that she was in love with Daniel once and that there was a lot of baggage with the relationship. Maggie wanted to make sure that she was doing the right thing. Jennifer wanted to take the chance and see what would happen between them. Victor ran into Eric and made digs about his drinking. Victor told Eric that he wished he didn’t have to look at his face again.

Abby wanted to go see Gabi at the hospital. She ordered Chad to go with her because they had to make things right. Gabi told Andre that she and Chad were trying to do the right thing. Andre laughed at her and she called him a disgusting man. Andre warned Gabi that he would do whatever it took to protect his family. Gabi told him that she wouldn’t do anything to the family. She wanted him out of her room and her life. Chloe and Deimos continued to argue over Nicole and Brady. She thanked him because she knew she wasn’t wrong about him. Scooter tried to trip Brady up by asking him what software he uses. Brady couldn’t answer him so he changed the subject. Scooter asked Nicole if her name was Bridget. She said that was her name. He told her that he believed that he had seen her before.

Abby and Chad went to see Gabi at the hospital. Chad apologized to Gabi for what happened to her. She blamed Deimos for what happened to her. Abby suddenly had to leave the hospital so she left them alone. Victor told Eric that Maggie wasn’t able to sleep because of what happened to Daniel. Nicole was able to get out of Scooter recognizing her by saying that she had one of those faces. Nicole changed the subject to talk about Scooter’s book. Hillary told her that Scooter was always watching porn. She told Nicole that nothing got by her since she’s a cop.

Days of Our Lives 3-31-17 Recap 31 March 2017

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Days of Our Lives 3-31-17 Recap 31st March 2017
Days of Our Lives 3-31-17

Chloe met with Maggie at the pub and she told him about Brady going off with Nicole. Chloe was upset and relieved. Maggie didn’t understand what she meant by that. Chloe thought that Brady could help take care of Holly. Chloe was afraid that Deimos would stop at nothing to go after them. Abby went home and told Andre that she left Chad at the hospital alone with Gabi. Andre didn’t understand why Abby did that. Abby didn’t want to be petty and jealous of them. She told him that she didn’t have to worry anymore. Andre told her that Chad could have lied to her. She told him that Chad chose her first when he had the chance to save her or Gabi. Gabi wanted Deimos to pay for making Chad choose between her and Abby. She understood that he chose Abby and believed that he should have done that. Chad cut her off to tell her that he went to see her while she was unconscious. He told her that he chose Abby first because he knew that she would catch the vial. He was happy that she was okay now.

Maggie suggested that Chloe share custody of Holly with Nicole to make things better. Chloe didn’t want to do that because of what happened. Chloe told her that Nicole had everything now. Maggie reminded her why she didn’t want Holly with Nicole in the first place. She told Chloe that Deimos is out of Nicole’s life. Maggie told her that she wanted to see Holly again and that it was up to her to make that happen. Hillary wanted to party with the kids. She wanted to keep having fun so she wouldn’t have to listen to Scooter talking. Scooter was convinced that he had seen Nicole somewhere before. Hillary and Scooter left the house. Nicole realized that Scooter recognized her from when she was a porno star. Brady didn’t think he would recognize her face. Nicole thought that Hillary saw the Amber Alert. He told her that it was exclusively in Salem. Brady reminded her that they had to appear like a nice family.

Jennifer went to Eric’s office and apologized for being late. Eric told her that he was reminded of how much he hurt her and wouldn’t do it again. Jennifer told him that he couldn’t punish himself for what happened. He told her he was moving on, but not with her. He walked out of the office. Andre warned Abby that Chad shouldn’t be around Gabi. Andre advised Abby to remind Chad that she is the love of his life. Gabi told Chad that it did hurt that they wouldn’t see each other anymore. Gabi agreed that it was time for them to say goodbye. Chad went back home and told Abby that Gabi left the hospital. Abby suggested that they take a second honeymoon. She suddenly wanted to renew their vows. He was okay with that and wanted to set a date for it. Gabi thought about different times with Chad and started crying. Maggie went home and talked to Victor about Brady leaving to be with Nicole. She wondered why he didn’t stop Brady. He told her that Brady believed that he loved her and it would be hard to stop him from doing anything. Nicole warned Brady again that he shouldn’t risk his freedom to be there with her. He wanted her to admit that she didn’t feel anything from their kiss and he would leave. She said she couldn’t admit that. He decided to stay with her.

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Days of Our Lives 3-31-17 Recap 31st March 2017.