Days of Our Lives 6-29-17 Recap 29th June 2017


Days of Our Lives 6-29-17

Days of Our Lives 6-29-17 Recap 29th June 2017

Days of Our Lives 6-29-17, Chad found Sonny on the floor. Sonny told him that he didn’t remember what happened. Hope and Rafe went back to the Martin house. They told Chad and Sonny what happened to them. Chad was surprised when he saw Gabi and JJ together.

Gabi told Chad that she didn’t know how she got on the couch with JJ. JJ said he didn’t remember what happened either. Chad said he woke up in Abby’s room. Everyone said they didn’t remember what happened after Eric’s speech. Sonny wanted to look for Paul, but Paul came in the room. Paul told them that Deimos was behind what happened.

Paul told everyone how he saw Deimos at the party. He said that he was hit on the head. Everyone was upset that Deimos got away. Paul asked if they saw him. Sonny said they all woke up. Hope realized that Deimos drugged their drinks. Lani said it was Halo. Sonny told everyone that Deimos came for the amulet. Sonny said he had it around his neck, but now it’s gone.

Days of Our Lives 6-29-17 Recap 29th June 2017

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Days of Our Lives 6-29-17 Recap 29th June 2017
Days of Our Lives 6-29-17

Nicole wanted to get out of the room. She snapped at Eric when he tried to help her. They couldn’t figure out what was going on. She wanted to figure out what was going on.

Sonny told everyone how Deimos got the amulet. Eric and Nicole showed up while everyone was talking and found out Deimos was responsible. Gabi noticed that Chad had lipstick on his collar. She asked if he hooked up with Abby. He said he didn’t remember. Rafe said they would get Deimos, but Gabi didn’t believe him. When she went to get some air, she found Deimos’ body. He ended up falling on her.

Hope checked Deimos’ pulse and said he was dead. Abby asked if one of them killed him. Rafe said he must have been killed in his room. Hope called the police and told them that there was a murder.

Raines told everyone at the house that they were suspects in Deimos’ murder. Raines said they were going to be questioned. He said the killer was going to pay for killing Deimos.

Chad went to talk to Abby. She asked him who he thought killed Deimos. He said he didn’t know or care. She thought about what happened between them. Before she could ask him about it, Gabi wanted to know what was going on.

Lani told JJ that she remembered him dancing with Gabi. He said it didn’t mean anything. He said Gabi was with Chad and he barely remembered it. Eli asked Lani what she remembered. She said she kissed him. JJ was shocked.

Nicole was upset when Eric wanted to help her. He asked if she remembered what happened with Daniel. She asked him where he went when he went to the bathroom.

Raines asked Rafe and Hope where they were at the time of the murder. Rafe told him, but they didn’t really remember. Raines was suspicious that they didn’t remember what happened. Raines thought that Hope was the main suspect.

JJ asked if Eli remembered kissing Lani. He said he did. He said it was something he wouldn’t forget. Lani said they were drugged and whatever happened didn’t mean anything. Eli looked upset.

Chad and Abby didn’t tell Gabi what happened between them. They made it seem as if they were only talking about Thomas. Gabi brought up how Abby was marrying Dario. Abby brought up Deimos’ murder and how they were all suspects.

Rafe found Hope and asked if she was okay. She was upset that she might have killed Deimos. Paul told Sonny to be careful how he talked about Deimos when he was happy that Deimos was dead. Paul thought Sonny would be the main suspect. Paul asked if Sonny remembered what happened after he was drugged.

Nicole asked Eric where he went. She said she remembered how he left and the next thing she knew she was in his arms. He said he didn’t remember. He had a flashback of telling her that he did something bad. She asked if he remembered something.

Hope told Rafe that she wished she remembered more. He said he knew she didn’t kill Deimos. She said he didn’t know that. She said the drug was still in her system. She passed out.

Gabi told Chad and Abby what happened when she thought she saw Deimos. She was happy that Deimos was dead. Chad thought she shouldn’t say stuff like that. He thought the three of them needed to stick together.

Paul asked if Sonny was sure that Deimos took the amulet. Sonny said he didn’t see Deimos. Sonny had a flashback of seeing Deimos. He lied and told Paul that he didn’t see Deimos.

Raines questioned JJ about the blood he had on his sleeve. Lani had a flashback of JJ attacking Deimos. When she reacted to the flashback, Raines wanted to know if she remembered something. She said she saw JJ attacking Deimos. JJ said he didn’t remember that. Raines wanted to take him to the police station to question him and test the blood.

Next on Days of our lives, The fallout from the party at the Martin House continues; Marlena is brought in to hypnotize JJ; Lani feels awful about implicating JJ and guilty for kissing Eli; Chad meets with Abigail to talk about what happened while they were under the influence.

Days of Our Lives 6-29-17 Recap 29th June 2017