Days of Our Lives 7-27-17 Recap 27th July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-27-17

Days of Our Lives 7-27-17 Recap 27th July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-27-17, Abby talked to Andre about not wanting to leave Chad and Thomas. Andre told her that they would find the picture and deal with Abe. Dario walked in and wanted to know who she was talking to. Rafe wanted to know how Dario got out of jail. Eli said he was why. Rafe said Dario needed to stay in jail because he would leave town.

Abby made Dario think she was talking to Jennifer. Andre told Abby that he would get the laptop from Abe. When Abby got off the phone, Dario told her that his lawyer got him out of jail. He told her that he didn’t tell the police about Chad, but he would if she didn’t go with him.

Steve wanted to use Kayla’s computer to see who was working the days she prescribed the wrong medicine. She thought it was a longshot. He wanted to check the computer anyway. Tripp talked to Joey about Ava. Joey was uncomfortable talking about Ava. When Joey told him how nice Kayla was, Tripp said she wasn’t a saint. Joey wanted to know why he felt that way.

Days of Our Lives 7-27-17 Recap 27th July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-27-17 Recap 27th July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-27-17

Dario wanted to know if Abby was going with him. He thought it would have been better than watching Chad with Gabi. Abby said they were going to be raising Thomas together so she would see them anyway. Dario threatened to turn Chad in to the police if she didn’t go with him.

Tripp wanted to know why Kayla was so mean to Jade. Joey said she wasn’t always mean to her. Tripp said that Jade was pregnant for why Kayla was nice to Jade. Tripp said Kayla wasn’t his mother and she was never going to be. Joey told him that she was always bragging about him. Joey mentioned that Kayla’s life wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t a doctor.

Kayla and Steve saw how Shelly was working the days she prescribed the dosage. Kayla was shocked that Shelly would do that. He said he was getting back at her for trying to get her fired. Steve said they needed evidence to prove it.

Abe went to see Chad and Andre to talk about Theo working with them. Abe wanted to know what Theo was doing for them. Andre said they would fire him if they got the laptop. Gabi went to Dario and confronted him about stealing. She was upset about him trying to leave without telling her bye. Dario thought Rafe told her what happened. Gabi told Abby that she knew they got married to keep him from being deported. Abby said she did. Gabi said she was out of it. He said Abby didn’t want to be out of it.

Gabi wanted to know why Abby would go with Dario. Abby lied about why she was going. Dario said Abby loved him and reminded Gabi that she was with Chad. Gabi didn’t understand what was going on and left. Dario told Abby that she did the right thing.

Chad told Abe why he offered Theo a job. Chad said Theo was family so he should be working with them. Abe still didn’t want Theo to work with Andre. Chad said he didn’t want to fire Theo. Abe told Chad to fire Andre if he wanted the computer back.

Joey told Tripp that Steve was trying to help Kayla. Joey told him that Steve was going to find out who set her up. When Tripp left, Joey looked at the picture of Ava that Tripp left. Chad told Abe that he wasn’t going to fire Andre. Abe said he wouldn’t get the laptop back. Chad tried to assure Abe that no one would take advantage of Theo. Abe wanted to know if Andre felt the same. Chad wanted to know if Abe would let Theo stay.

Eli called Dario and told him the deal was ready. Eli said he had to turn over the evidence against his partner. Dario wanted to make sure the deal covered Abby. Eli said it did. Dario told Abby that they were ready to go.

Steve was determined to find out who set up Kayla. He thought the board would clear her. She didn’t want to get her hopes up. Abe said he would let Theo keep the job. Andre wanted to the laptop. Abe would think about it. Gabi told Chad that Dario was going to witness protection and taking Abby with him. Chad rushed to go find them. Gabi tried to tell Chad why Dario and Abby were married, but he left.

Dario rushed Abby to get ready. She told him to pack her bags. When he left, she called Andre. She told him how they were leaving. He told her not to go. She said that Dario would show the picture to the police if she didn’t go. When Dario came back, he wanted to know who she was talking to. She said her mother. He took her phone to check who she was talking to.

Dario didn’t see the Caller ID. She said Jennifer was a reporter. He wanted to know why she called her. She said she wanted to say goodbye. He said he would make it up to her. Steve told Kayla that he was going to find more stuff on Shelly. Tripp asked Steve if he could prove that Shelly set up Kayla. Steve said someone was setting up Kayla and he was going to make the person in. Chad showed up just as Abby and Dario were leaving.

Next on Days of our lives, Steve has a startling realization about Tripp; Chad demands that Abigail tell him the truth about why she’s leaving town with Dario; Marlena’s plans take a surprising turn; an attempt is made on someone’s life.

Days of Our Lives 7-27-17 Recap 27th July 2017