Days of Our Lives 7-31-17 Recap 31st July 2017


Days of Our Lives 7-31-17

Days of Our Lives 7-31-17 Recap 31st July 2017

Days of Our Lives 7-31-17,
Victor went to see Sonny at the police station. Victor wanted to get Sonny out. Hattie told Marlena that she wanted her life. Abby pushed Chad out of the way when the car came by. She ended up getting hit by the car.

Roman comforted Kayla about losing her job. When Steve and Tripp showed up, Steve pumped him about her medical career. She said she would still help him. Steve continued to make Tripp feel guilty about what was going on with Kayla. Chad and Dario went to check on Abby. She was unconscious.

Marlena wanted to know why Hattie wanted her life. Hattie told her that Andre ruined her life. Marlena wanted to know what that had to do with her. Hattie said she would know soon. Hattie told her about Roman and how he was a good man. Hattie let her know that she would get him when she took her life.

Sonny told Victor that Paul was looking into a lead. Victor was upset that Sonny could go to prison because of Deimos. Victor said Sonny was on the drug so he might not have killed him. Victor was determined to get Sonny off.

Kayla told Steve that Tripp wouldn’t hurt her. When Roman and Steve walked away, Roman told Steve that he was worried about Joey. Chad called the police to help Abby. Dario stayed by her side.

Roman told Steve that Joey was feeling guilty about what he did to Ava. Steve said that Joey has been through a lot. Kayla tried to make Tripp feel better about being a doctor. He brought up his mother. She apologized for what happened to his mother.

Marlena wanted to know what Hattie was going to do. Marlena ended up feeling sick. Hattie implied that she drugged her. Hattie said that she was going to be with Roman. Marlena wanted to know what she was going to do with John. Hattie didn’t care. Marlena started feeling worse.

Victor told Sonny that he was getting out of prison. He wanted Sonny to be back at Titan. Sonny wanted to know what Victor was going to do when he said he would cross the line to get him out. Dario told Chad that the accident was meant to get him. Dario said that was why he had to go to witness protection. Chad yelled at him to go. Dario said they would kill Abby. Chad told him to leave again. Dario said he loved her.

Burns called Kayla and told her that he needed to see her. He said there was some new findings in the case. Victor told Sonny that he meant that he would pay for the best defense. Sonny thought he meant something else. Marlena was surprised that Hattie drugged her. Hattie said she had nothing against her. Hattie thought this was her time. Hattie warned her that John wouldn’t be able to save her.

Days of Our Lives 7-31-17 Recap 31st July 2017

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Days of Our Lives 7-31-17 Recap 31st July 2017
Days of Our Lives 7-31-17

The EMTs showed up to get Abby. One of them asked Chad what happened. He asked Chad if he was family. Chad said he was her husband. The other one told him that he couldn’t ride in the ambulance. He said Chad had to talk to the police.

Burns told Kayla that she wasn’t fired. He said Kayla gave the right amount of dosage for her patient. He said she was back on call. He wanted her to start right away.

Marlena told Hattie that her plan wouldn’t end well. Hattie said it wouldn’t end well for her. John called out to Marlena. Abby was brought to the hospital. Kayla was surprised that Abby was at the hospital. Chad was at the hospital.

A police officer asked Chad what happened. He thought about what happened to Abby. John went in Marlena’s room and reacted to what he saw. Victor told someone on the phone that it was time to give the police another suspect. John saw how Marlena’s room was empty. Hattie dragged Marlena’s body in an ally. Chad told the police that the accident was a hit and run. Chad thought about when he told Abby to stay dead. Abby started coding.

Next on Days of our lives, Chad, Jennifer and JJ hold vigil over Abigail; Hope and Rafe hunt for Dario; Roman wonders if Eric has developed feelings for Nicole again; Brady is upset by a conversation he overhears between Nicole and Maggie.

Days of Our Lives 7-31-17 Recap 31st July 2017