Days of Our Lives 8-10-17 Recap 10th August 2017


Days of Our Lives 8-10-17

Days of Our Lives 8-10-17 Recap 10th August 2017

Days of Our Lives 8-10-17,
Kayla argued with Steve when he agreed let Joey go to prison for killing Ava. Kayla thought Tripp should go to prison after what he did to people. While they were arguing, Tripp overheard her say that he should go to prison. Tripp walked away while they were arguing.

Anjelica met Bonnie and was impressed with how much she looked like Adrienne. Bonnie told her that she wanted to have her way with Lucas before she dumped him. Anjelica didn’t think it was a good idea to do that. Steve told Kayla that Tripp didn’t kill anyone. She said he endangered lives. Steve thought Tripp’s upbringing ruined his life. She asked if he thought prison wouldn’t ruin Joey’s life. Steve said his life was already ruined.

Chad brought Thomas to see Abby at the hospital. Steve told Kayla that Joey hated himself and was guilty. He said if prison would make him feel whole that he should do. She asked if he knew what prison would do to Joey. She blamed him for why Joey was in this mess.

Tripp ran into Claire and told her he was leaving town. Anjelica gave Bonnie information on Adrienne. Anjelica wanted Bonnie to get Justin back so she could break his heart. Anjelica would be there to pick up the pieces. While they were talking about the plan, Lucas showed up.

Chad told Abby that he meant everything he said to her before. He let her know that he and Gabi broke up. Abby hoped he didn’t do it out of gratitude or because of Thomas. He said he did it because she was his soul mate. He told her that he loved her.

Abby told Chad that they could go away for a few days. He said he had something to handle. Raines grilled Lani about what was going on with Dario’s case. She refused to tell him about the case. He threatened to fire her if she didn’t tell him.

Kayla told Steve that he brought Tripp into their lives which ruined everything. He said she was there with him every step of the way. She said she did it for him. She told him that that they wouldn’t be a family if Joey went to prison. She walked out of the apartment.

Tripp to Claire that he set up Kayla. When Anjelica left Adrienne’s room, Lucas wanted to make love to Bonnie. Bonnie was enjoying it until she told him that they needed to talk. He said he wanted to talk too. He wanted to get married, but she said no. He wanted to get married quietly. She called him a good guy. She broke up with him.

Raines told Lani why he would fire her. She reminded him that she was the mayor’s daughter. He asked if she was threatening him. Abby didn’t want Chad to go to the police. He said he had to because he couldn’t let Sonny go to prison for what he did. Chad said he would fight to come back to her. He kissed her goodbye and told her that he loved her.

Days of Our Lives 8-10-17 Recap 10th August 2017

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Days of Our Lives 8-10-17 Recap 10th August 2017
Days of Our Lives 8-10-17

Chad ran into Theo at the hospital. Chad thanked him for helping him. Chad told him that he was turning himself in to the police. Chad let him know that he was going to protect him. Claire couldn’t believe that Tripp would think that Kayla would kill Ava. He said he knew now that she didn’t. He said Kayla would make sure that he went to prison.

Steve found Kayla at the pub. He tried to apologize to her, but she was still upset. She said he made decisions without her. Lucas wanted to know why Bonnie was dumping him. He thought she was keeping something from him.

Bonnie told Lucas to leave. He wanted to know what was going on. She said she belong with Justin. Steve tried to get Kayla to understand why Joey should go to prison. She asked what he would do if he went to prison too. She said she was going to fight to keep Joey out of prison. She told him to leave the pub. Claire tried to convince Tripp that Kayla was forgiving. She told him not to give up. Lani told Raines that she was threatening him. She tried to explain why she couldn’t tell him about the case, but he wanted her to leave. Chad went to the police station. He told Raines that he wanted to confess to killing Deimos.

Next on Days of our lives, Marlena wakes to find herself trapped.

Days of Our Lives 8-10-17 Recap 10th August 2017