Days of Our Lives 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017


Days of Our Lives 1-11-17
Days of Our Lives 1-11-17 Recap

Days of Our Lives 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017

Days of Our Lives 1-11-17 Recap, Anna was wondering how she and Marlena were going to get help until Carrie and Austin showed up. Carrie was surprised to find them at the police station. Rafe and Steve talked about whether Hope would be safe at the prison. Rafe wanted to get her out of there if they had the chance. Shawn told Ciara and Kayla that Hope checked out of the infirmary. Lt. Raines showed up at the pub to look for Hope. Ciara started getting smart with Lt. Raines until Kayla stopped her. Kayla told him that Hope wasn’t at the pub so he could search it. Chet was about to open the top of the dumpster when Hope punched him out.

Carrie yelled at Anna because her actions got her arrested. Carrie would try to keep her and Marlena from being arrested. Carrie and Austin advised her to visit her grandson instead of staying in trouble. Nicole talked to Deimos about how scared she was for Chloe. She was afraid that Nancy would call all the shots with Holly. She didn’t understand why Nancy felt threatened by her suddenly. When Nicole went to the bathroom, Deimos called Brady to tell him to get someone to follow Craig in Chicago. He wanted to get proof that Holly is really Nicole’s baby.

Steve and Rafe got a lead on Stefano. They wanted Paul to take pictures of everything. Rafe was determined to bring Stefano home even if he’s in a body bag. Kayla, Shawn, and Ciara talked about Hope getting out. Lt. Raines told them that Hope was a dangerous criminal and that he would charge them if they helped her escape. Chet wanted to know why Hope hit him. She wanted to know why he took her from the prison. He told her he was helping a friend. She assumed it was Coco and Sheila so she was prepared to hit him again until she got in pain.

Days of Our Lives 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017

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Days of Our Lives 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2016

Carrie was able to get Anna and Marlena off. She was going to take Anna back to Switzerland with them. Anna refused to go with them. She wasn’t leaving without Tony. Ciara wondered if Hope was going to be back in Salem. Shawn didn’t think that she would do that. Hope tried to hit Chet with a rock. Chet told her to put the rock down. She put it down and ended up hitting herself in the head with the rock. Kayla told Steve that Hope broke out of prison. Rafe wanted to talk to Kayla and she told him what happened. He wanted to talk to Shawn. Rafe asked him if he went to the prison. Shawn told him that Hope didn’t say anything about escaping. He told Rafe that he had no idea she was going to escape. Rafe yelled at Shawn because he didn’t stick to the plan.

Chet checked on Hope. Her stitches opened up and her head was bleeding. He told her that he was helping Hattie. He saw the blood on the towel and panicked. He ran away from her. Deimos asked Nicole to marry him and she said she would do it. He wondered if she was going to change her mind. Nicole said she wouldn’t and that she wanted to be married to him. She wanted to have a life with him. Carrie wanted to take Anna home with her and Austin. Anna knew that Tony was dead, but she wanted to take his ashes. Austin told her that Tony was in a jar. Anna didn’t care because he brought her comfort. She refused to leave until she got Tony’s ashes back. Carrie left to see if she could get them back for her.

Rafe was counting on Shawn to help out. Shawn told him that yelling at him wouldn’t help his mother. Ciara wanted to talk to Rafe. She told him there was nothing Shawn could do to stop her. Rafe thought Hope was scared. Rafe assumed that Raines was all over what happened. Ciara told Raines that they couldn’t help Hope. She wanted Rafe to focus on finding Stefano instead of worrying about how things were going in Salem.

Carrie found Tony’s ashes. Carrie talked to Austin about Anna’s behavior. Austin didn’t like the way Anna treated her. While they were talking, Anna managed to disappear. Marlena arrived and noticed Steve and Rafe’s expressions. Rafe told her that Hope escaped from prison. Marlena didn’t understand what happened. Rafe knew that something happened to make her want to escape. Steve told her that there was a manhunt for her. Rafe was afraid that the police weren’t going to take her alive. Shawn assured Ciara that he would find Hope because he could do a better job than the police. He refused to do nothing while his mother was out there. He was going to find her.

Shawn was about to go off and search for Hope. Kayla wanted Ciara to talk to Shawn, but she thought he was right. She ran out of the pub and went after him. Steve told Marlena that Stefano is out of money so he would be at the meeting. Steve didn’t want to be cocky because they couldn’t afford to lose him. Rafe talked to Raines about Hope. Raines told Rafe that she wasn’t getting special treatment and that she should give up easily because he would use force. Someone picked Hope up from the ground.

Next on Days of our lives Eduardo informs Dario about the missing device and how he believes Kate took it; Andre has a confrontation with Deimos; Gabi is curious when JJ calls and says it’s important they meet; Brady has an unexpected reaction to Nicole and Deimos’ news.
Days of Our Lives 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017.