Days of Our Lives 10-25-16 Episode Recap October 25, 2016


Days of Our Lives 10-25-16 Episode

Days of Our Lives 10-25-16 Episode Recap October 25, 2016

Days of Our Lives Episode Recap – October 25, 2016

Today’s episode was full of some fine and emotional moments. Viewers witnessed Nicole visiting Daniel’s graveside in the aftermath of the fallout with Deimos. While she sits there by his graveside she tells him about the situation with Chloe and Deimos. While she’s there Maggie shows up and she lends an ear to Nicole’s problems with her best friend and Deimos. They both discuss Nicole’s feeling towards Deimos but Nicole is reluctant to admit how she feels about him due to being by Daniel’s graveside. Later they both hug and share how they love each other.

Victor and Deimos have a conversation where Victor tells him he is retiring. Deimos wonders who will take over Titan, later he receives a call in regards to Chloe’s whereabouts. Deimos tells his goon to call back when he has her after which he fills Victor in on the truth he learnt from Nicole. Victor suggests that Deimos take the child from Chloe when he/she is born.

Roman and Rafe try to hatch a plan to help Hope. Hope tells Aiden he is trying to rape her. Aiden however is just trying to make Hope see how good they were together. Aiden and Hope hash things out where he later deletes the confession and hands over the only other copy he has.

Valerie Grant walks in at the hospital where Theo and his dad Abe are. Valerie is ready to perform the surgery on Abe. Everyone leaves them together and the former lovers catch up. Later, Abe’s monitor goes off, Kayla rushes in and she and Valerie try to save him.

Nicole later sees Deimos and tries to explain why she lied about the baby. Deimos questions her about what happened in 2012 and Nicole tells him. Later Deimos gets a call which tells him Chloe is missing. At this point, Deimos is angry and tells Nicole he won’t forgive her if Chloe is not found.

Aiden resigns and Hope fills in Rafe and Roman about what transpired at the Salem Inn.

Days of Our Lives 10-25-16 Episode Recap October 25, 2016