Days of Our Lives 10-28-16 Recap 28th October 2016


Days of Our Lives 10-28-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 10-28-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 10-28-16 Recap 28th October 2016

Todays days of our lives the Halloween Festivities began in Salem. Marlena and John were together as they walked through the town square with a number of people dressed for Halloween. Andre greets Marlena before she leaves for another event at the Hospital. After Marlena leaves, Theo arrives. Andre is very excited about the event which arouses Theo’s suspicions.

Together, Marlena and John go to Abe’s room to find Valerie and Abe together. Abe wants to go to the Festival but Valerie wouldn’t allow it when they leave Abe and Valerie talks further about Theo. Also in the hospital at the magic party Steve, Kayla, John and Marlena talks about Orpheus being unaware that he is indeed alive. During the festivities the lights go out and a magician appears which excite the children. Marlena is concerned and takes a very good look at the magician.

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Hope and Ciara have a disagreement about Victor’s trust fund; Ciara and Theo later meet Claire and Joey after which Jade shows up. Rafe and Hope have some romantic moments; they both go to the square where the children are. Hope and Valerie discuses Valerie being back in Salem. Andre goes over to Hope and tells her how gorgeous she is. Andre shares how happy he is that Aiden is gone.
The magician at the Hospital performs a next trick involving Marlena and Kayla. He puts them in a box, the lights go out and he disappears. After learning that the missing body was Orpheus’, John and Steve rush to find the boxes empty.

At the square the Deputy Mayor makes a speech before presenting an award. During this time the recording of Hope’s confession plays over the speaker and everyone looked stun.

Next on Days of our lives Hope, Rafe, and Roman reel as Hope’s secret is finally exposed.

Comings and goings:
Larry Poindexter (Father Louis), Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady), Leann Hunley (Anna) and Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) return in the beginning of November 2016.

Days of Our Lives 10-28-16 Recap 28th October 2016.