Days of Our Lives 10-31-16 Recap 31st October 2016


Days of Our Lives 10-31-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 10-31-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 10-31-16 Recap 31st October 2016

Today in Days of our Lives If you missed today’s ‘Days of Our Lives’ episode then you missed something. The Halloween festivities at the Horton Town square kicked off with several Salemites in some interesting Halloween costume.

Orpheus took Marlena and Kayla to a new hideout. Marlena is puzzled by Orpheus’ presence as she thought he died. She questions him how he managed to survive and he tells her the details, he later shares his plan with them to kill them after he goes out for trick and treat. Kayla and Marlena try to free themselves when he leaves.

John and Steve desperately try to find their ladies. They search through video footage in an effort to learn who helped Orpheus and finds Lazlo. They go in search of Lazlo hoping he can help them.

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At the Horton Town Square the recording of Hope’s confession plays. Everyone is shocked as the whole town learns of Hope’s misdeeds. Rafe tried to do damage control but it was too late. Andre wants full justice while Ciara and Julie beg for answers. Justin thinks the recording is fake but Andre tells him it’s not. Everyone headed to the Salem PD for the aftermath of the reveal. At the PD Andre tells Hope how he got the confession. Chad goes over to the Salem PD as he struggles with the truth.

Ciara, Julie, Doug, Adrienne and Lucas fills in Jennifer who missed out on what took place at the town square.

Nearby in the hideout, Orpheus returns and he and Lazlo shove the women into two coffins. The women yell while Lazlo nails the coffins shut.

Next on Days of our lives Paul seeks out Sonny’s help with an emergency situation; Chad confronts Hope about killing his father; time starts to run out for Marlena and Kayla; Andre unexpectedly offers a helping hand.

Days of Our Lives 10-31-16 Recap 31st October 2016.