Days of Our Lives 10-6-17 Recap 6th October 2017


Days of Our Lives 10-6-17

Days of Our Lives 10-6-17 Recap 6th October 2017

Days of Our Lives 10-6-17, Chloe told Nicole that Eric left because of her. Chloe said Brady and Eric confided in her about things. Chloe felt that she should tell Nicole what they said. Chloe didn’t want to keep anything from her. Nicole said that Eric told her in a letter why he left. Nicole told her what Eric wrote. Chloe told Nicole that Eric was still in love with her.

Sonny and Paul asked Marlena to talk to Ben and find out if he was telling the truth about Will being alive. She agreed to do it even though it might not work. Rafe caught Gabi and Eli kissing. Rafe wanted to know what they were doing.

Nicole didn’t believe that Eric was in love with her. Chloe said Eric told her. Chloe told her that Brady knows about Eric’s feelings. Nicole really didn’t believe it. Chloe said it was true. Nicole thought Brady would have told her.

Rafe told Gabi that Eli was taking advantage of her. Gabi told him that he should be thanking him for saving her. Rafe said she was in pain over what Ben said and because of Chad and Abby getting married. Gabi said they didn’t get married. Rafe said they did get married.

Sonny opened up to Marlena about feeling guilty about moving on from Will. She said Will knew that Sonny loved him. Sonny wanted a chance to tell Will that he loved him. Ben showed up while they were talking.

Ben apologized for ruining Sonny and Paul’s day. The police got him out of there. Paul told Sonny to be with his family. Sonny wanted to be there if Ben said something. Paul said he would let him know.

Marlena asked Ben about what he said about Will. Ben said he wanted to give Sonny the love of his life back. Ben said he risked everything so Sonny and everyone else could have Will back. Ben said he was done wasting his time with ingrates. She stopped the police officer from interrupting them.

Victor didn’t want Brady to feel guilty about Eric leaving town. Victor asked him if he would rather Eric and Nicole work together. Brady didn’t want that, but he felt bad about why Eric left. Chloe told Nicole that Brady wanted Eric to fire her. Nicole said he didn’t fire her. Chloe said he left town so he wouldn’t fire her. Nicole realized what Brady’s speech at the wedding meant. Chloe wanted to know what she was going to do.

Rafe asked if Gabi was okay about Chad and Abby getting married. She said she was. Rafe blamed Eli for how she was feeling. She told him that he didn’t have to protect her. He said he would do it matter what. When he left, Eli asked if she was okay with them getting married.

Days of Our Lives 10-6-17 Recap 6th October 2017

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Days of Our Lives 10-6-17 Recap 6th October 2017
Days of Our Lives 10-6-17

John wanted to know how Paul was going to handle things if Ben was telling the truth. Marlena reminded Ben that he was friends with Will. He wanted to know what she wanted. She wanted him to open up about Will. He told her she could try.

Nicole couldn’t believe that she was clueless. Nicole asked Chloe to watch Holly for a few hours. Chloe wanted to know what Nicole was doing. Sonny and Brady got in an argument over Titan. Sonny wanted his job back. Brady said he wasn’t ready to give the job back.

Paul told John that he wasn’t going to let Ben ruin his life with Sonny. Marlena asked Ben if he saw Will after he strangled him. He said he didn’t see him. She asked if someone told him that Will was alive. He said yes. She asked if it was a visitor at Bayview. He said it was. She asked who came to see him.

Hope told Rafe that Eli was going to be his new partner. Rafe wasn’t happy. Paul asked Marlena if Ben said anything. She said with help, she could figure out what Ben was saying.

Hope went to see Ben. She asked him about the visitor. He said he didn’t remember a visitor. She showed him a picture of his father. Sonny and Brady continued to argue over Titan. Sonny wanted Victor to tell Brady that he was going to be in charge. Nicole went to see Eric.

Next on Days of our lives, Nicole shows up at Eric’s farmhouse and confronts him about the reason he left Salem.

Days of Our Lives 10-6-17 Recap 6th October 2017