Days of Our Lives 11-1-16 Recap 1st November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-1-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 11-1-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-1-16 Recap 1st November 2016

Today in Days of our lives, The drama continued as Hope confessed to murdering to Stefano, as she confessed Chad DiMera walked up to hear her confession. The race to rescue Marlena and Kayla continued as john and Steve desperately searched for them.

Chad approached hope and questions her about the recording, he believes Andre is playing a game and tells Hope she doesn’t have to go along with it. Hope then reveals to Chad the details. On the outside of the room Steve approaches Roman and Rafe but the police are occupied with their latest case so Andre offers to help Steve find Marlena and Kayla and he gets information about their location.

Justin suggests Hope’s defense should be that she was suffering from PTSD. Andre and Hope make a deal to keep Rafe and Roman’s name out of it if she pleads guilty. On the pier, as Orpheus douses the coffins with gasoline, Marlena and Kayla yell hoping someone would hear them.

Paul gets a call from Steve where he asks him to check out a lead on Marlena and Kayla’s whereabouts. As Paul agrees to help, he fills in Derrick and he offers to go with him. Gabi tells Sonny about Hope’s confession. Late Paul and Derrick arrive and ask Sonny for help to which they learn that two coffins unloaded near the pier. Paul later passes on the information to Steve and John who rushes to save their ladies.
As Chad approaches Rafe in the square, Rafe reminds Chad of the kind of man his father was. He tells him how Hope was pushed to the breaking point and reminds him that he is still his friend.

Orpheus lights the coffin a fire and watches Kayla and Marlena burn.As Orpheus tells Lazlo that they need to go John and Steve rush in. Steve knocks out Lazlo while Orpheus and Steve struggle with the gun that resulted in Orpheus being shot. Orpehus later dies as the firefighters arrive and Marlena and Kayla is taken from the coffins and rushed to the hospital.

Chad goes home and discusses Hope’s confession with Andre.

Next on Days of our lives Jennifer and Adrienne decide to buy the Spectator; Theresa receives an unexpected visit from Shane; Philip shares some stunning news with Nicole; Deimos tracks down Nancy, demanding information about Chloe.

Days of Our Lives 11-1-16 Recap 1st November 2016.