Days of Our Lives 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-14-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 11-14-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-14-16 Recap, Justin told Hope and Rafe that he made a deal for her with the D.A. Justin also told her that she has Judge Fitzpatrick as her judge. Rafe said that the judge was on the DiMera payroll. Justin said he would have the case thrown out if the judge didn’t rule the case fairly. Andre busted Abby checking on Thomas. She hid when Chad showed up. When Chad left, she came back out and told him that she wanted to check on her mother and son. JJ told Gabi about what led him to cheat on her. Victor found Theresa unconscious. Jennifer went to see Hope at the police station.

Gabi wondered how JJ knew he cheated on her when he didn’t remember what happened. He told her why he thought he knew he cheated on her. Gabi was furious that JJ had sex with her after he cheated on her. Victor called Kayla to get Theresa. She was upset with him for not letting the medics in the mansion. He wanted to keep it quiet and would explain later. She said she would try to get the drugs out of Theresa’s stomach. JJ asked Gabi to forgive him for cheating on her. Hope asked Jennifer about Ciara. Jennifer said Ciara was okay. Hope thanked Jennifer for everything she has done.

Andre promised Abby that he wouldn’t tell Chad that she was back. A flashback was shown showing her telling Andre about leaving Chad the note when she escaped from Shady Hill. She didn’t want Chad to spend his life with his crazy wife. She wanted him to have a new life with Thomas. Andre thought Chad would never stop looking for her. She wanted Andre’s help to help her disappear.

After the flashback was over, Abby reminded Andre about helping her disappear. She wanted to hold Thomas for a few minutes. Just as she was about to hold the baby, Chad was about to come in the room. Chad noticed that the door was locked. Abby was gone when Chad got in the room. Chad was suspicious when Andre quickly left the mansion.

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Days of Our Lives 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016

Gabi told JJ that she loved him, but hated him for what he did. She reminded him that he cheated on Paige and did the same thing to her. Gabi never wanted to see him again. Kayla was able to get the drugs out of Theresa’s system. Kayla wanted to know what was going on. Victor told her that he couldn’t tell anyone what was going on. He thanked her for saving Theresa’s life.

Justin told Hope that he talked Andre into getting some of the charges against her dropped. The only charge she will be facing is the murder charge. He thought there was still a chance, but apologized for not being able to do more for her. She was grateful for what he did. When Jennifer went back home, JJ told her that Gabi never wants to see him again after telling her the truth. Abby was outside of the house looking in the window at Jennifer.

Kayla called Kimberly and told her that Theresa was at the hospital because she overdosed. Kayla asked Kimberly to come home. Kimberly told her that she was on her way. Kimberly told Shane that Theresa overdosed. Kimberly thought it was their fault that she overdosed.

Abby was gone from the window when Jennifer looked out the window. Kimberly and Shane went to see Theresa. They were relieved that she was better. Shane questioned Theresa about taking drugs. She wanted to escape so Brady wouldn’t rescue her. She wanted Kimberly and Shane to help her get Brady and Tate to walk away from her. They agreed to help her. Shane wanted Theresa to promise that she would never take her life again. Rafe told Hope not to give up. Andre talked to Stefano and said that his killer was going to pay.

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Days of Our Lives 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016.