Days of Our Lives 11-15-16 Recap 15th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-15-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 11-15-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-15-16 Recap 15th November 2016

Shawn came back to help Hope. Justin and Roman talked about her case. Justin said he would paint her up as the victim in Stefano’s murder. Hope told Shawn that she murdered a man, but he said that she did a good thing. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen today.

Roman ran into Marlena and she told him that she has to file a report about Hope’s mental state when she killed Stefano. They both thought Hope should get off for what she did to Stefano.

Adrienne talked to Jennifer about Hope’s trial. The subject changed to Adrienne’s wedding being the same day. Justin ran into Adrienne. She was glad that he was helping Hope. He offered to walk her to the courthouse.

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Rafe blamed himself for not doing enough to help Hope, but she told him he did. She said that Stefano won if she gets the death penalty. A cop told Hope that it was time for her to go. Adrienne gave Justin her vote of confidence that he would beat D.A. Trask.

Hope showed up in the courtroom. Her case started. Judge Fitzpatrick said that Hope was eligible for the death penalty based on her record. D.A. Trask made her opening statement and made Hope look like a cold blooded killer. D.A. Trask talked about Hope killing Stefano. She said she wanted Hope to get a lethal injection. Justin started his opening statement. He tried to make Hope look like a victim for killing Stefano.

Next on Days of our lives Chad and Andre have their say during Hope’s sentencing; Justin lays out his case for leniency to the court, insisting that Hope was suffering from mental distress; the judge pronounces Hope’s sentence; Brady finds Theresa in a compromising position.

Days of Our Lives 11-15-16 Recap 15th November 2016.

  • Cat oman

    I do not like the new Abbey at all. I find her acting with Andre in the Demaris mansion to be a little over the top. Please bring back the old Abby…..she was a natural. Plus I miss those beautiful big brown eyes.