Days of Our Lives 11-16-16 Recap 16th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-16-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 11-16-16

Days of Our Lives 11-16-16 Recap 16th November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-16-16, Theresa was shocked that Victor was the one who found her when she overdosed. Shane thought that Mateo might know about the overdose and wanted to get a guard to watch her. She wanted to move things fast. Brady confides in Nicole about what is going on with Theresa. Nicole compared herself to Theresa. Nicole thought that Theresa was trying to self-sabotage. Nicole believed that Theresa loved Brady. He thought Theresa’s actions didn’t fit. He told her that Theresa said she was high when she made her vows to him. Nicole was suspicious of Theresa’s behavior, but he thought he might not have noticed it. Brady calls Kim and asks him to call him back. Nicole offers to take Tate to the park so he could look for Theresa.

During Hope’s court case, Justin justified Hope killing Stefano by saying she was going through PTSD after being held captive for years. He presented the evidence against Stefano. He had multiple witnesses that were going to testify to what Stefano did to Hope. D.A. Trask was against Justin using this information. Judge Fitzpatrick was going to look over the evidence. Justin had two psych evaluations that can prove that Hope killed Stefano because of what he has done to her over the years. He didn’t want to call what she did premeditated.

Hope got on the stand to testify. She claimed that she didn’t really remember what happened. She said she was responsible for what she did. After she got down from the stand, Andre and Chad were brought in. Andre got on the stand to testify. Chad also got on the stand. He testified that he thought Hope should be held accountable for her actions. He testified that Hope killed his father while he was frail and took him away from his family. He considered Hope family, but he couldn’t watch her get away with what she did to his father. Trask had nothing to add so the judge adjourned the case for deliberation.

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Hope’s family was hopeful before she was brought to the interrogation room. Adrienne gave Justin praise for what he did, but the D.A. thought that there was no way that Hope would get off for Stefano’s murder. Andre takes a call from Laura. Jennifer lets Chad know that he will always be family. Jennifer runs into Andre after he talked to Laura. Jennifer brings up Abby being there for Chad if she were alive. Andre said he would be there for Chad.

The judge came back to the courtroom. Rafe brings Hope back to court. The judge believed that there was no premeditation involved in the murder. The judge didn’t give Hope the death penalty. She got the maximum sentence of 25 years for second-degree murder without parole. Hope’s family was upset with the verdict. She asked Rafe to take care of Ciara.

Shane listened to Theresa while she was talking to Mateo. She told him that she was having a hard time getting Brady to hate her. Mateo had an idea that would get Brady to hate her. At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa gets a call from Guillermo. He called for Mateo. She agrees to meet him at the Salem Inn. Theresa leaves a message about where she will be.

When Brady goes back to the mansion, he sees the message and goes to the Inn. When he showed up at the Inn, he heard Theresa laughing. Brady knocked on the door and Guillermo opened it. Guillermo is half naked. Brady barged in the room and saw Theresa with coke. She is wearing a negligee. Guillermo made a move on Theresa and asked Brady to join them. Brady attacked Guillermo.
Days of Our Lives 11-16-16 Recap 16th November 2016.