Days of Our Lives 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-17-16
Days of Our Lives 11-17-16

Days of Our Lives 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-17-16, Philip and Nicole talked about Chloe’s pregnancy. Nicole wanted to help Chloe with her baby after what she was willing to do for her and Daniel. Deimos and Philip got into an argument about Chloe. Nicole thought Deimos should ease up on Philip. Philip called Chloe and told her that she should tell Nicole the truth about the baby. Brady told Theresa that he wanted to help her after he caught her with Guillermo. He suggested taking Tate away from her. She said he would be better off without her.

Dario questioned Gabi about what went wrong between her and JJ. She told him that JJ cheated on her. Chad was furious with JJ for cheating on Gabi. JJ tried to justify why he cheating on Gabi. JJ thought he and Gabi would get past what happened. He wanted Chad to talk to Gabi in order to give him a second chance. Chad said he couldn’t do it.

When Jennifer wanted to go get some air, she saw Abby outside of the door. Jennifer fainted after she saw her. Dario was upset that JJ cheated on Gabi. She regretted telling him the truth when he wanted to kill him. Dario wanted to hurt JJ, but she didn’t want him to do it. She wanted him to leave it alone. Blanca overheard Dario and Gabi talking about him wanting to hurt JJ. When Gabi left, Blanca confronted him about it. She said she couldn’t be with him anymore.

Days of Our Lives 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016

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Days of Our Lives 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016

Theresa told Brady that she didn’t want to be around Tate. He said she loved being a mother, but she said she was a good actress. She offered him drugs, but he didn’t want them. He told her that he couldn’t live with her like that. She said she wasn’t going to rehab or home. She said she was going to leave town. He asked if she was walking out on him and Tate. She said Tate would barely remember her. She asked if he would take care of Tate. Brady agreed to take care of him. He wanted to know where she was going. She said she was open to suggestions. He told her to go to hell.

Jennifer was happy that Abby was alive. Abby told her why she wanted her to think that she was dead. Jennifer said they would have all helped her, but Abby didn’t want anyone wasting their life helping her. Jennifer wanted to know if she was coming back to them and Chad.

Chad said he couldn’t get in the middle of JJ’s problems with Gabi. Chad told him how he dealt with Abby’s death. When Gabi showed up at the DiMera mansion, she saw JJ there. She wanted to know why he was there. She didn’t want to see him and wanted him out of there. Chad suggested that JJ leave. JJ apologized and left.

Theresa told Shane and Kimberly that she told Brady that she was leaving. She was upset about what she had to do in order to get rid of Brady and Tate. Shane thought she was being brave. Kimberly thought she would get it right and find her way back home. Theresa didn’t think she could get Brady back. She was afraid that there would be nothing to come home to.

Abby told Jennifer that she started thinking clearly while she was away. She said that she heard about the prison break. Once she heard that JJ was shot, she had to come and check on them. When JJ was about to come inside, Abby said he couldn’t see her.

Nicole wanted Deimos to keep an eye on Brady while she is on her business trip. She told him how Theresa was spiraling out of control. Deimos agreed to watch out for Brady. Philip overheard Nicole and Deimos saying that Brady was the one that should run Titan. After he overheard them talking, he called Chloe back and told her that Nicole couldn’t be trusted while she was with Deimos. He agreed to keep quiet about the baby.

Abby hid from JJ so he wouldn’t see her. JJ told Jennifer that he went to Chad to get his help with Gabi, but he refused to help him. Jennifer asked JJ if Chad asked about Abby. JJ said that Chad had to let her go. He implied that Gabi was more important to him than Abby. Abby was listening to their conversation.

Gabi wanted to know what Chad told JJ about her. Chad told her what he said. Chad asked if her if she loved JJ. She wanted to delete JJ from her mind and heart. She can’t look at JJ without thinking about what he did to her. Chad comforted her.

Shane told Theresa how he was able to get through being in the ISA and protecting his family. He told her to keep the faith that she would get Brady and Tate back. She was afraid that there would be nothing left to hold on to.

Jennifer told JJ that Gabi would forgive him once it sinks in. JJ hoped so. He asked if someone else was there when he came in. She lied about having two cups of tea. He noticed that the tea was the way Abby liked it. When JJ left to take a shower, Abby questioned Jennifer about him cheating on Gabi. Abby blamed herself for JJ cheating. Jennifer thought Abby should tell JJ, Chad, and Thomas the truth, but she couldn’t. Jennifer wanted Abby to stay with her in order to keep her secret. Abby was upset that Chad moved on with his life.

Gabi blamed herself for JJ cheating. Chad told her that it wasn’t her fault. He complimented her. When it looked like they were about to kiss, she said she had to go.

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Days of Our Lives 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016.