Days of Our Lives 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-18-16
Days of Our Lives 11-18-16

Days of Our Lives 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-18-16, Philip confronted Brady about taking over Titan one day, but Brady wasn’t in the mood to talk about it. When Philip kept pressing him about his problems, Brady snapped. Kimberly brought Tate to see Theresa. Theresa felt bad about keeping Tate from Shane and Kimberly. Kimberly was afraid that she and Shane wouldn’t see Theresa anymore. Shane was sure that the operation would be over in about a month.

Kate and Lucas got into it over his wedding to Adrienne. Kate thought it was a sign that he shouldn’t marry her when people wouldn’t show up to the wedding. Steve and Kayla were there for Adrienne while she was getting ready for the wedding. Theresa wanted to go home and get some things so she could remember Brady and Tate.

Brady told Philip that his life is messed up. Theresa told Victor that she was going to pack some things. She asked Victor to look out for Brady. She was afraid that Brady would start using drugs again. Victor hoped that she would be able to put Mateo away. He also told her that he was proud of her. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Victor told her that she would always be family. He told her to come back to them.

Days of Our Lives 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016

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Days of Our Lives 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016

Days of our Lives Spoilers November 21 – 25 ,2016 | Dool Spoilers 2016

Jade and Joey met in the park. He wanted her to look him in the eye and tell him that she was pregnant. Sonny confronted Justin about his feelings for Adrienne. Sonny questioned whether or not Justin was upset about her marrying Lucas. Justin admitted that he was happy for Adrienne, but Sonny wasn’t convinced. Justin tried to justify why Adrienne would marry Lucas and not him.

Steve wanted to make sure that Adrienne was doing the right thing by marrying Lucas. He thought she might still be in love with Justin. She said she was doing the right thing by marrying Lucas. She said they love each other. Kate tried to talk Lucas out of Adrienne, but it didn’t do any good. He was determined to marry her.

Brady told Philip what Theresa did to him. Philip apologized for the way he talked to Brady. He couldn’t believe that Theresa would hurt him the way she did. Brady was suspicious about Theresa’s behavior. Theresa spent time with Tate again.

Jade was upset that Joey thought she was lying. He was suspicious that she would suddenly be pregnant when he was ready to dump her. She wanted to know what he wanted her to do to prove that she was pregnant. She wanted to go to his mother, but he didn’t want her to. She said they were going to raise the kid together, but he didn’t want to. She wanted him to figure out how he was going to support the baby because she was kicked out of the house. He walked away from her.

People were gathered at the church for the wedding. Adrienne was upset that things were going wrong. Brady saw Theresa when she was about to leave. He believed that she was hiding something. He wanted her to tell him that she didn’t love him. Theresa told him she wasn’t sure if she ever loved him. He begged her to stay with him and work things out.

Kimberly and Shane reminisced about Theresa. He promised to take Mateo down so Theresa can come home. Theresa gave Brady the ring back. He was upset that she was leaving her son. She reminded him that Kristen ripped him out of her and gave birth to him. She also said the bond wasn’t there. She kept referring to Tate as a burden to her. She said Tate had him and his money. He wanted to know where she was going and when she was coming back. She told him not to leave the light on. When she left the mansion, she started crying.

Joey told Steve that Jade is pregnant. Justin stopped Lucas and Adrienne’s wedding. Justin said she couldn’t do this. Theresa met with Mateo and said he got what he wanted. He promised her that they would have fun the way they did before. She wanted to hurry up and leave. When they walked off, Shane was on the phone with someone and said they were on the move. Brady looked at the alcohol and threw it. Victor comforted Brady.

Next on Days of Our Lives Gabi and Chad meet to discuss their changing relationship. Adrienne and Lucas’s wedding comes to a halt.

Days of Our Lives 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016.