Days of Our Lives 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-21-16
Days of Our Lives 11-21-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-21-16 Recap, Abby asked Jennifer not to tell anyone that she is alive. Jennifer begged Abby not to run. Jennifer wants her to fight for her life. Abby thought that life has moved on without her. She doesn’t think things could go back to how they were since Chad has moved on with Gabi. Jennifer tried to assure her that Chad and Gabi work together, but Abby didn’t believe that. Abby has seen Chad and Gabi together. Abby believed that Jennifer has seen what was going on between Chad and Gabi, but Jennifer said that he would never stop loving Abby.

Andre questioned Chad about his feelings for Gabi. Chad admitted that the situation is complicated. Andre advised him not to go looking for someone else since he still loves Abby. Andre told him to focus on his son and work. Chad reminded Andre that Gabi works for the company, but Andre questioned whether or not she should be.

Gabi talked to Dario about her situation with JJ and Chad. Dario advised her to stay away from JJ. He also warned her to stay away from Chad if she wants their father to be successful. Later on, Dario runs into Blanca and finds out that she is leaving town. She said she got a job offer in Chicago and didn’t want to be with him.

Days of Our Lives 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016

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Days of Our Lives 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016

Days of our Lives Spoilers November 21 – 25 ,2016 | Dool Spoilers 2016

During Adrienne and Lucas’ ceremony, Justin interrupts the wedding. Justin begged her not to marry Lucas. Lucas yelled at him to get out and Adrienne agreed with him. Justin begged her to listen to him if he ever meant anything to her. She agreed to listen to him. She believed he wouldn’t be able to change her mind.

Steve, Kayla, and Joey left the church while they were talking. They go to the pub to talk about Joey and Jade having a baby. Joey said that Jade is keeping the baby. Steve and Kayla wondered if Jade is lying about the baby. Joey didn’t think she was. He believed that she is having his child. He told them that her parents kicked her out of the house. He doesn’t have a choice so he is going to drop out of school and get a job.

Justin told Adrienne that he loved her. He thought she loved him too. He begged her for another chance. Lucas reminded him that he and Adrienne have split up many times. He told him how badly he treated her over the years. Lucas promised to treat her the way she deserved to be treated. He asked her if she was ready to get married, but she doesn’t answer him.

Kate told everyone that she knew Adrienne would break Lucas’ heart. Everyone started arguing. Adrienne screamed at them because she couldn’t think. She admitted that she loves Justin and Lucas. Kate told her to make up her mind. Adrienne ran out of the church. Justin tried to stop her, but Lucas stopped him and punched him. Sonny and Philip come between them to stop them from fighting. Sonny pulled Justin away while Lucas told Philip and Kate that he needed to be alone. When they left him, he broke down.

Gabi goes to the DiMera mansion to see Chad. She told him that she had to quit. Chad told her that he had to let her go. They were both surprised that they had the same idea. They both agreed that they were on the rebound and didn’t think they should work together. They ended up kissing each other.

Andre called Laura to find out if Abby came home. When he found out that she didn’t, he said he would find her and bring her back to Chad. He wanted to look like a hero.

Sonny found Adrienne in the park. She told him that she felt like a terrible person. He told her that she wasn’t a terrible person. He advised her that she had to decide what she wanted to do. She didn’t know what she was going to do.

Next on Days of our lives, Adrienne is comforted by Sonny, who comes up with a way to help his mother solver her dilemma; JJ confesses a secret to Rafe; Abigail expresses to Jennifer her doubt that Chad still loves her; Kate encourages Chad to move on with Gabi.

Days of Our Lives 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016.