Days of Our Lives 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-22-16
Days of Our Lives 11-22-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-22-16 Recap, Victor found Justin in the park. Justin told him how he stopped Adrienne’s wedding and humiliated himself. Victor found the situation funny, but knew that he still loved Adrienne. Lucas showed up at the Brady pub. Anne is there and asked him to join her for a drink. She was upset because Theresa left town. Lucas was tempted to drink with her, but pulled out his sobriety chip. He wondered what to do about his honeymoon. She offered to go with him.

Adrienne talked to Sonny about her wedding. She told him it wasn’t his fault. She would have married Lucas if Justin didn’t stop the wedding. Sonny admitted that he talked to Justin about her before the wedding. She was worried about Lucas and said that she loved them both. Sonny offered to help her make a decision.

Justin got a call and said he would be right there. Victor wanted to know if it was good news. Justin said it may be the best. Later on, Justin and Lucas show up at Adrienne’s suite with flowers. Sonny was glad that they were both there. Adrienne comes in the room and sees them both there. Sonny said he set it up and that no one was leaving until there was a decision. Justin suggested that he and Lucas plead their case to her. Justin let her know that he will love her and be faithful to her. He said she belonged to him. Lucas said he went to the Brady pub and compared her relationship with Justin to an addiction. Lucas said he was her future. She wasn’t able to make a decision and wanted to leave, but Sonny stopped her.

Days of Our Lives 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016

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Days of Our Lives 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016

Chad and Gabi continued to kiss passionately. He didn’t want to do this and she wanted to know why. He didn’t know why. The two started kissing again until she gets a text. They both admit that what they were doing was wrong. They weren’t over Abby and JJ. They also thought it would be weird for their children. Chad wanted to slow things down between them. He implied that she should get back with JJ, but she decided to leave.

At the police station, JJ told Rafe that he cheated on Gabi. Rafe was upset about it, but he was willing to forgive him if Gabi could forgive him. Rafe understood why JJ cheated since he lost a sister. Rafe wanted to know how Gabi took the news. JJ said she wouldn’t talk to him. He said he wanted her back and would treat her the way she deserved to be treated. Gabi showed up at the station. Rafe left them alone. She told him that he broke her heart. He apologized and asked for another chance. She wanted him to promise that he would never make her feel this way again. He said it will be great again. He told her he loved her and the two held hands.

Jennifer assured Abby that she could fix things with Chad if she went to see him. Abby thought Gabi made Chad happy. Jennifer believed that Chad wanted his life back. When someone showed up at the house, Abby hid. It turned out to be Andre. He wanted to give Jennifer an interview about his father’s death. She took his statement. When he noticed movement outside, he decided to leave. Jennifer searched the house for Abby.

Kate met Chad and talked about Gabi. She knew he had an issue with Gabi even though he tried to deny it. She said he is like one of her children and that they always pick the wrong people. He told her that he heard about Lucas and Adrienne’s wedding. Kate tried to convince Chad to be with Gabi since Abby was gone.

Andre found Abby in the park. He asked her when she was going to share her plans with the man who helped her fake her death. He wanted her to reveal himself to Chad. She didn’t want to because he moved on with Gabi. He told her that it was nothing. He told her to get her life back. She agreed with him and wanted to see Chad.

In the town square, Chad told Thomas not to get older. Andre and Abby showed up while he was there. She decided to run off, but Andre stopped her. He told her it was fate and wanted her to go to Chad. She decided to approach him.

Next on Days of our lives, Gabi reveals her decision to Chad; Abigail attempts to reach out to Chad; Paul and Steve investigate the Hernandez family shipments; Theo tells Abe that Valerie is a liar.
Days of Our Lives 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016.