Days of Our Lives 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-23-16
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Days of Our Lives 11-23-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-23-16 Recap, Claire called Theo to tell him that Abe was going out with Valerie. Paul met Sonny to tell him that the Hernandez family is getting their first shipment tonight. JJ told Gabi that the girl met nothing to him. He wanted another chance. She said she didn’t want to get hurt again. He said she wouldn’t get hurt. She didn’t believe that he wouldn’t hurt her again. He offered to be on probation. He wanted another shot so he could treat her better than any man could treat a woman. He reminded her that he would never give up on them. He planned on spending the rest of his life making her happy. Chad told Thomas that he was starting to have feelings for Gabi.

Theo showed up at the hospital to stop Abe from going out with Valerie. Theo said that Abe was making the biggest mistake of his life. JJ declared his love for Gabi and begged her to try again. She agreed to try again. Abby told Andre that she could never go back to Chad.

Abe wanted Theo to explain himself. Theo said that Valerie lied about where she was. She admitted that she lied about being in New York. She didn’t want to leave town before Abe was okay. Theo wanted to know why she didn’t tell her boss the truth. She said she didn’t want to cause trouble. When Valerie walked off, Abe told Theo that her lie was her business. He also said that he is going to dinner with her. He wanted Theo to apologize to her and be nicer. Theo said he would see him at home.

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Days of Our Lives 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016

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Days of Our Lives 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016

Abby told Andre that she was afraid that she would have another breakdown. He told her that she should tell Chad the truth. She wanted him to stop pushing her. He said that she should tell Chad that she is better now. He told her that her life was with Chad and that she should take it. She thought he was right. When she was about to go to him, Gabi showed up to talk to him. Abby walked off when she saw them together.

Abby realized that Chad was happy to see Gabi. She thought that Chad was in love with Gabi. Andre said that Abby was the only woman Chad loved. Gabi wanted to thank Chad. She was glad they didn’t make a potential mistake. She told him that she talked to JJ and that he wanted another chance. She said she was going to give him another chance. Chad was happy for her.

Steve met Paul so they could investigate Eduardo. Paul told Steve his suspicions about Eduardo’s shipment and how he didn’t want to get John involved since he is friends with Eduardo. Steve was okay with investigating Eduardo.

Chad wondered why Gabi changed her mind about JJ. She told him how JJ apologized to her and said he would never do it again. He asked her if she was sure she wanted to be with him. She said she was. She reminded him that he loved Abby and asked if they could still be friends. He said they would be.

Abby told Andre that Chad moved on with Gabi. Andre told her that she didn’t know that, but she said she did. She thought it was too late for them. Andre told her that Chad only moved on because he thought she was dead. Andre told her that Thomas had a right to have his mother in his life.

Claire and Ciara found Theo. Claire and Theo believed that Valerie was up to something. Ciara thought Theo should leave it alone. Claire wanted to get the dirt on Valerie. Shawn overheard their conversation and wanted to know what was going on.

Abby thought Andre was right about her being there for Thomas. He gave her an untraceable phone so they could talk. Chad and Gabi agreed to be friends before she left him.

Shawn reassured Ciara that Hope would be okay in prison. He said he was doing everything he could to help her. When Ciara and Theo left, Shawn asked Claire about the conversation he heard. She told him about her suspicions about Valerie. Ciara tried to make Theo feel better about Valerie. She didn’t want him to let Claire talk in into anything. He said Claire wasn’t talking him into anything. Claire showed up and left with Theo.

Steve and Paul got one of the boxes from the shipment. Paul noticed that Eduardo was shipping counterfeit handbags. Steve and Paul wondered what Eduardo was up to with the counterfeit bags.

Chad and Sonny talked about what happened between Chad and Gabi. They also talked about Sonny’s situation with Paul. They realized they were in the same boat. Gabi thought about spending time with Chad. She ran into JJ who offered to walk her to her car.

When Abby went home, she saw a gift for Thomas. She decided that she should be there for him.

Next on Days of our lives, JJ goes to the attic and makes a stunning discovery!

Days of Our Lives 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016.