Days of Our Lives 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-28-16
Days of Our Lives 11-28-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016

Kimberly, Kayla, and Roman celebrated the anniversary of Bo’s death. Shawn and Ciara went to see Hope at the prison. Jade showed up at the Brady Pub. Claire wanted her to leave, but she said she had news. Jade told her that she is pregnant.

Gabi showed up at Jennifer’s house for Thanksgiving. She had an awkward moment with Chad. Ciara gave Hope presents so she can think of them. Time was up at the prison so she had to leave. Hope left the picture behind when the guard got her.

Claire thought that Joey shouldn’t be forced to stay with Jade just because she was pregnant. Steve told Claire not to announce the pregnancy until they knew for sure. Kayla showed up and implied that Jade was lying. While they were talking, everyone showed up at the pub. Theo was upset that Abe brought Valerie to the pub.

Days of Our Lives 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016

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Days of Our Lives 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016

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Chad and Gabi made small talk when JJ took Arianna in the kitchen. She brought up the spark that was between them. While they were talking, Julie interrupted them. Julie made snide remarks towards Gabi.

Kimberly was on the phone with Shane to ask about Theresa. He didn’t hear anything about Theresa. Roman interrupted her conversation. Shawn and Ciara showed up at the pub and talked about Hope. Rafe went to see Hope. She didn’t expect to see him. He reminded her about the promise he made to Bo to look out for her. She wanted him to move on with his life and let her go.

Julie made it very obvious that she didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with Gabi. Chad stopped Julie from starting with Gabi, but Julie didn’t want to be bothered with Gabi.

At the pub, everyone said why they were thankful. Jade told everyone that she was pregnant with Joey’s baby and that he was going to make a great father. Everyone was so shocked at her announcement.

Jennifer and Abby reminisced about old times. Jennifer tried to convince Abby to be there for Thomas. Chad called out to Jennifer to let her know that the food was ready.

Kayla tried to comfort Kimberly about Theresa being gone. Chad questioned Jennifer about why she was up in the attic so long. She gave him a gift that she and Jack gave Abby for her first birthday. Chad accepted the gift. Jennifer joined everyone in the living room. Jennifer was happy to see Gabi. JJ told Jennifer that Gabi decided to give him a second chance. Julie apologized for her behavior earlier.

Rafe refused to move on with his life. She showed Rafe the picture that Ciara gave her, but the picture was cut at the top. Rafe assured her that Justin was working on her appeal and that she would get out of prison.

Ciara and Claire questioned Joey about Jade being pregnant. They were upset at the idea of him possibly marrying her. He told them that he would have to deal with the consequences. When he went outside, Steve told him he was proud of him for doing the right thing.

At Jennifer’s house, everyone gave Thomas his gifts. Abby was watching everyone celebrating Thomas’ birthday. Chad sensed that Abby was watching them. When he went to the stairs, she was gone.

At the pub, Claire asked Theo to go to the movies with her. Ciara was watching them. Abe apologized to Valerie for Theo’s behavior. She suggested that he go home with Theo.

Jennifer stopped Chad from going upstairs. He told her that he felt like someone was watching them. He wondered if someone was upstairs. JJ told Gabi that he wanted to take her out on a date. When she told him that Arianna was jealous that Thomas got all of the toys, he said he would go upstairs and look for Abby’s old toys.

Kayla found out that Jade was pregnant. Joey asked if Jade could stay at the house with them. Jade didn’t want to be an inconvenience. Kayla told her that she could stay at the house, but she had to stay in the guest room.

Rafe told Shawn about the picture. Rafe wanted to get her out of there before something else happened.

Chad told Gabi that he was glad that Thomas would still be part of Jennifer’s family. He told her that he missed Abby. JJ found Abby in the attic.

Next on days of our lives, Gabi and Chad share a close moment, which Jennifer witnesses; Victor and Maggie worry about Brady in the wake of Theresa’s departure; Marlena tries to get through to Brady; Eduardo and Kate spend Thanksgiving together.
Days of Our Lives 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016.