Days of Our Lives 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-29-16
Days of Our Lives 11-29-16 Recap

Days of Our Lives 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-29-16 Recap, Victor and Maggie were worried about Brady since Theresa left him. Brady showed up and let them know that he wasn’t worried about Theresa leaving him with Tate. He took Tate upstairs and told him that he wouldn’t have any memories of Theresa. He also told him that he would never leave him.

Jennifer noticed the closeness between Chad and Gabi. Jennifer wondered where JJ went. Chad told her that JJ went upstairs to look for toys for Arianna. Abby and JJ reunited. She didn’t want him to tell anyone that she was alive.

Kate talked to Eduardo about Lucas and Adrienne’s wedding. She told him that she knew that Lucas and Adrienne wouldn’t make it. Eduardo asked if she thought they would make it.

Days of Our Lives 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016

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Days of Our Lives 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016

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Maggie wondered what Brady was doing with the garbage. Brady said he was getting rid of Theresa’s stuff. She wanted to go to an A.A. meeting, but he wasn’t interested. Victor wanted him to stop getting smart. Brady started snapping at Philip and Victor over a business matter that happened without him.

Jennifer confronted JJ about Abby. JJ was upset that Jennifer knew that Abby was alive and didn’t tell him. He thought they should tell Chad the truth, but Jennifer stopped him. Chad and Gabi talked about how weird JJ was acting. Chad tried to justify why JJ was acting weird. Jennifer told JJ why Abby wanted to stay in hiding. She was afraid she was going to lose Abby again. JJ understood her dilemma. Abby started to pack her things. When JJ and Jennifer went back in the house, Chad wondered if something was wrong.

Brady was starting to think that everyone was going behind his back about the business email. Philip wanted to keep him up to date on it since it was his fault, but Brady snapped at him again.

JJ told Gabi and Chad that everything was okay. Jennifer lied about what was wrong. JJ tried to get Chad and Gabi out of the house, but Chad suggested staying. JJ finally convinced them to take the kids to a festival. JJ wanted to talk when they left.

Kate said it was too early to decide on her relationship with Eduardo. He got a call from Deimos. Deimos told him that his first shipment came through without any problems. Eduardo thanked him and was glad for the partnership. Eduardo told Kate that his is working with Titan. They continued to talk about his deal with Deimos.

Victor talked to Deimos about Brady. Victor was worried about him. Brady was upset with Philip for going behind his back. He was upset that Philip didn’t ask for his input. They ended up in an argument because of his attitude. Philip confronted Brady about the way he treated Maggie. Philip brought up how he was acting because of Theresa leaving him. Philip told Brady that he was better off without Theresa. Brady hit him.

JJ talked to Jennifer about Abby lying about being alive. He was upset that he almost lost Gabi because he thought she was dead. Jennifer apologized for lying to him about Abby. He wanted to talk to Abby.

Deimos and Victor were upset that Philip made things worse with Brady. Deimos wanted Philip to fix the mess he made. When Deimos wanted to call Nicole, Philip thought about how Chloe was carrying Nicole’s baby.

Brady thought about how he hit Philip after what he said about Theresa. Marlena showed up at the church to be with Brady. She offered to listen to him. He wanted to know why he kept making the same mistake. He told her that he thought Theresa changed. He beat himself up for not seeing the signs in Theresa. He believed that he and Theresa were married. He told Marlena that Theresa didn’t want the family/wedding. He blamed himself for why Theresa left him.

Philip told Maggie about how he was pretending to be Chloe’s baby’s father. He thought that Chloe’s lie was going to hurt people. He couldn’t tell the secret because it wasn’t his secret to tell. Maggie told him not to break his promise to Chloe. She suggested that he tell her that he loved her. He hoped that Chloe would let him help her.

Gabi and Chad talked about the kiss they had. She was scared that things were going to be awkward between them. He said things wouldn’t be awkward on his end. She didn’t want them to lose their friendship. She told him that she loved JJ and would see him soon.

JJ went to see Abby. He agreed not to tell anyone that she was there. He wanted to know why she didn’t want to tell Chad. He said that Chad loved her. She said that Chad moved on with Gabi. JJ was shocked by her admission.

Next on Days of our lives, Adrienne finally decides between Justin and Lucas; Hope finds an unlikely ally in prison; Rafe appeals to Steve to help him with Hope’s predicament; Claire and Theo decide to take their relationship to the next level.
Days of Our Lives 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016.