Days of Our Lives 11-30-16 Recap 30th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-30-16

Days of Our Lives 11-30-16 Recap 30th November 2016

Days of Our Lives 11-30-16 Recap, Rafe told Steve that he wanted to hire Black Patch to help clear Hope. Rafe said that Justin was working on an appeal, but Rafe wanted to get some dirt on Judge Fitzpatrick and Trask. Steve agreed to help him. When Rafe left, Kayla showed up. Steve told her about the new job. They get on the subject of Joey having a baby. They are surprised that they are going to be grandparents.

In prison, two inmates watched Hope when she asked for a job. The guard told her that she was going to have to wait for a job since other people have been there longer than she has. Sheila (one of the inmates) told the guard that there was a fight, which made the guard leave. Sheila and another inmate wanted Hope to give them the computer. Hope informed them that she was using it. They let her know that they were the ones who ripped her picture. Hope gave up and let them use the computer. She told them that it took 40 minutes to warm up and then turned the computer off. Sheila was upset and told her that she was going down. They got into a fight until someone stopped it. The inmates left. The woman turned out to be Hattie.

Hope was surprised to see Hattie. Hattie said she turned her life around since being the Salem Stalker and when Stefano turned her into Marlena. Hattie was glad that Hope murdered Stefano since he didn’t keep his promise to her. Hattie wanted to kill Stefano herself. Hattie told her that it wasn’t safe for a cop in prison, but she had her back. Hope is suspicious, but makes a deal with Hattie so she could meet Roman. Rafe showed up to see Hope. Hattie made a move on him. Hope told him about Hattie. Rafe told Hope about his plan to get her out of prison. The inmates watched them.

Days of Our Lives 11-30-16 Recap 30th November 2016

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Days of Our Lives 11-30-16 Recap 30th November 2016

Days of our Lives Spoilers November 28 – Dec 2 ,2016 | Dool Spoilers 2016

Adrienne eventually came to a decision with Lucas and Justin. She told them about all of the great things they brought to her life. Before she could tell them her decision, she passed out.

Theo and Claire spent time together. Ciara saw them together just as Theo and Claire kissed each other. Claire wanted Ciara to help her find Theo a Christmas gift. Ciara told her what gift to get. When Claire left, Rafe showed up. He noticed that something was wrong with her. She told him about her feelings for Theo. Rafe wanted her to come clean. She couldn’t hurt Claire and Theo seemed happy. Rafe was sure that Ciara would find somebody.

Theo ran into Ciara again and invited her to a concert. Claire thought Ciara would be a third wheel. Ciara turned down the invitation. He suggested that she try online dating.

Next on days of our lives, Adrienne is rushed to the hospital; Justin’s and Lucas’ tempers flare; Jennifer is furious when she realizes Laura knew about Abigail; JJ worries that Gabi and Chad are more than friends.
Days of Our Lives 11-30-16 Recap 30th November 2016.