Days of Our Lives 11-4-16 Recap 4th November 2016


Days of Our Lives 11-4-16 Recap
Days of Our Lives 11-4-16

Days of Our Lives 11-4-16 Recap 4th November 2016

Today in Days of our Lives, Theresa goes to see Caroline at the pub but instead her mom Kimberly appears. She encourages Theresa to leave Salem. Theresa advices her mom that she has a plan and Shane appears. Theresa feels that she need to do what Mateo wants her to do but her parents disagree. Theresa decides to pretend to be her old self and leave Brady in order to leave with Mateo and get the dirt on him. Her parents disagree with that idea but agree to help out.

At the police station Hope worries about Ciara but Rafe thinks Ciara’s distant from her mom is just because she needs time. Rafe provides comfort for Hope who is worried about her current case. Later, Ciara shows up and they talk about Theo who misses his grandfather. After Hope explains to her daughter about Stefano’s murder, Ciara begins to understand and forgives her.

Eduardo and Dario meet at the park. They discuss going with whichever family is the weakest. Deimos reaches out to Nicole begging for a second chance and he invites her over.

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Chloe decides that she will not keep the truth from Nicole. She later calls Nicole asking to meet her at the café outside of Chicago. Eduardo and Deimos got down to business. Dario and Eduardo discuss the fact that they made the right move choosing the Kiriakis family.

Deimos overhears Nicole’s plans to meet up with Chloe. Deimos is upset and Nicole fills him in that he’s not the father and neither is Philip. Nicole agrees to bring him with her to see Chloe. Nicole, Deimos, Chloe meet and Chloe tells Deimos he is not the father then he request another paternity test to which Chloe agrees. They go off to a clinic to have the test done.

Days of Our Lives 11-4-16 Recap 4th November 2016