Days of Our Lives 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016


Days of Our Lives 12-1-16
Days of Our Lives 12-1-16

Days of Our Lives 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016

Days of Our Lives 12-1-16, Justin and Lucas tried to wake up Adrienne. Sonny called the paramedics. She woke up. Sonny called Kayla to tell her about Adrienne. Kayla and Steve went to the hospital to see Adrienne. JJ thought about Abby telling him that Chad moved on with Gabi. JJ wanted to go find Gabi. Chad and Gabi nearly kissed when he helped her fix Arianna’s zipper.

JJ called Gabi to let her know he was finished his work and wanted to take Arianna to see the Christmas lights. He also had a surprise for her. Abby talked to Jennifer about Thomas. Jennifer showed her pictures of Thomas on her tablet. Abby thought it helped to see the pictures. When Abby left to get something to drink, Laura showed up. Abby was happy to see her. Jennifer noticed that Laura wasn’t surprised to see Abby. Jennifer asked if Laura knew that Abby was alive.

Jennifer wanted to know what was going on between Abby and Laura. Laura explained how Laura knew that Abby was alive. Abby was going through problems with her treatment and needed Laura’s help. Jennifer understood why Abby kept it a secret, but she was furious with Laura. She couldn’t believe that Laura would do that to everyone. Jennifer left the house. Abby apologized to Laura for what happened.

Days of Our Lives 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016

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Days of Our Lives 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016

When Chad was about to leave Gabi, JJ showed up. Abby told Laura that she did a cruel thing. Laura tried to make her feel better about what she did. Laura assured Abby that Jennifer was mad at her. Abby apologized to her again. Abby told her that what she and Andre did meant so much.

Kayla questioned Adrienne at the hospital. Kayla wanted to know when she got her last mammogram. Adrienne said she was okay and that all she did was faint. Kayla wanted to wait for the blood test. Kayla came out and told Steve, Justin, Lucas and Sonny about Adrienne. Kayla told them that she had to wait for the blood work. Kayla told Steve that he could see Adrienne. Sonny was going to go next, but they didn’t know when Lucas and Justin were going to see her.

Steve went to see Adrienne. She tried to assure him that she was okay. He was worried that she could have cancer. She didn’t want Steve and Sonny to worry about her. Lucas and Justin talked about Adrienne being okay. Lucas made reference to Justin messing up the home. Sonny interrupted their conversation to tell them that Adrienne wanted to see one of them. It turned out to be Justin. A nurse showed up before Adrienne could make her choice.

Gabi got a call from Sonny about Adrienne. She couldn’t meet JJ for his surprise. Jennifer was still upset that Laura kept her in the dark about Abby. Laura continued to justify why she did it, but Jennifer was still upset. Jennifer went to see Abby in the attic. Abby asked how she and Laura were. Jennifer said they were okay. Abby said she would think hard about telling the truth.

Lucas went to see Adrienne. She told him how amazing he was. She apologized for letting Justin get in her head. Kayla interrupted them to talk to Adrienne. Steve talked to Justin about business. Steve warned him not to drag Adrienne in his world. Kayla told Adrienne that she canceled a mammogram that she had. Adrienne tried to justify why she skipped the appointment. Kayla wanted to check her blood work.

JJ went to see Abby. She let him know that she might tell the truth. He told her that he was meeting with Gabi. He told her to stop worrying about Chad and Gabi between they were friends. JJ said she was with him.

next on Days of our lives, Sonny tries to break up an argument between Justin and Lucas; Kayla receives Adrienne’s test results; JJ and Gabi meet up to share a romantic night; Jennifer once again tries to convince Abigail to let Chad know she’s alive.
Days of Our Lives 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016.