Days of Our Lives 2-9-17 Recap 9th February 2017


Days of Our Lives 2-9-17
Days of Our Lives 2-9-17 Recap

Days of Our Lives 2-9-17 Recap 9th February 2017

Days of Our Lives 2-9-17 Recap, Chloe ran into Anne and they talked about how they worked together in the past. Anne noticed that she had Holly and thought she was as pretty as her mother. Brady showed up and told Anne that Chloe wasn’t her mother. Rafe called Shawn and told him how Stefano was caught. Shawn told Belle the news and wished he could tell his mother. Steve told everyone how he and Rafe caught Stefano. Deimos tried to convince Nicole that they should try to get Holly back. Nicole wasn’t sure if she wanted to be with him.

Marlena decided that she needed closure with Stefano. She wanted to go to the jail to see him. Anna and Carrie walked into the station and Anna said she wanted to see him first. Anne was surprised by what Brady said. Brady wanted to talk to Chloe alone. She asked him to stop helping Nicole get her baby. He reminded her that Nicole is Holly’s biological mother and that she would lose her. Chloe believed that she would win. Deimos continued to convince Nicole that he would be there for her and the baby. She didn’t cave because she threw up what he did to Dario in his face.

Rafe called Roman and told him about Stefano. Roman was able to stop Raines from using excessive force on Hope. Anna went to see Stefano at the jail. She called him out for what he did to Tony. She reminded him that he had nothing left and that he was going to rot in prison. He didn’t say anything. He laughed at her while she talked to him.

Days of Our Lives 2-9-17 Recap 9th February 2017

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Days of Our Lives 2-9-17 Recap 9th February 2017
Days of Our Lives 2-9-17

Chloe felt that Brady didn’t have her back. Brady told her that Nicole was considering leaving Deimos. She didn’t believe that she’s going to leave Deimos. Brady told her that Holly would hate her for keeping her from her mother. Chloe didn’t believe that Holly would hate her. She left to meet Belle. Nicole wasn’t sure if Deimos could do anything to make her stay with him.

Anna told everyone that Stefano wouldn’t say anything to her, but she was satisfied seeing him in jail. Marlena went to see Stefano. She rubbed it in to him that Hope would be free and that he would be in prison. She also told him about Steve and Kayla getting married and that she was going home to John. After Marlena finished talking to Stefano, she put a chess piece on a bar. She walked away from the cell.

Chloe met with Shawn and Belle at the pub. Shawn asked Chloe if she was sure she was doing the right thing. Deimos wanted Nicole to see the nursery he had for Holly. After Nicole left, Deimos called Judge Pierce. He talked to him about Nicole and Chloe’s case. Nicole thought the room was beautiful but she didn’t think she could get Holly back. He assured her that she would get Holly back. She wanted to know how he knew that. Brady walked in so he didn’t answer the question.

Rafe went to Stefano and told him how he was happy about him being in jail. Stefano didn’t say anything to him. Brady told Nicole that Chloe bought clothes for Holly. He said that Chloe was digging her heels into Holly. Brady assured her that she will get Holly back. Shawn told Chloe that taking Holly from Nicole was wrong. Chloe explained why Nicole shouldn’t raise Holly. Belle agreed to be by Chloe’s side and thought they could win the case. Shawn was able to see things from her point of view.

Deimos saw Nicole and Brady hugging and didn’t like it. He walked away from them. Rafe told Marlena that he wouldn’t rest until Stefano was back in Salem. Steve, Paul, and a cop went to see Stefano in his cell. They were in for a shock when they saw that Stefano’s cell was empty.

Days of our lives, Andre, Kate and Eduardo work together to figure out where Deimos has taken Chad and Gabi; Gabi tends to Chad’s wounds; Dario checks himself out of the hospital against Abigail’s wishes; Rafe’s worried for Hope, but Steve’s optimistic about her situation.

Days of Our Lives 2-9-17 Recap 9th February 2017.