Days of Our Lives 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019


Days of Our Lives 6-11-19

Days of Our Lives 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019

Days of Our Lives 6-11-19
Sonny told Will that he would marry him. Gabi showed up at the hospital. She wanted to check on him because she was concerned about him. Kayla told her that Will’s tumor was from the serum. Kayla said they couldn’t fix the problem because they don’t have the formula. She said time was running out. Gabi was upset with herself for not seeing what was going on.

Jennifer told JJ that Jack was determined to find Haley. JJ didn’t care. JJ wasn’t going to sell out Haley. Jennifer got a text from someone telling her that the cabin was on fire. JJ said Haley and Tripp were there.

Days of Our Lives 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019

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Days of Our Lives 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019
Days of Our Lives 6-11-19

Eli managed to save Haley. He had to arrest her. Tripp tried to stop him from arresting her. Eli didn’t want to arrest her. He ended up arresting Tripp too. Haley lied and said Tripp was trying to convince her to turn herself in to the police. Eli arrested both of them.

Ciara and Claire went to the police station to see Ben. Ben was upset that Eve said he set the cabin on fire. She told him that she would restrain him. He stopped getting upset. He said he didn’t set the fire.

When Ciara and Claire showed up, Eve told them Ben tried to kill people. Claire pretended to care and asked if the people were okay. Ciara went to see Ben. Eve told Claire that she had to tell her what was going on.

Ben told Ciara that Claire was the one who set the cabin on fire. He told her about Claire’s ring tone the night of the first fire. Ciara was surprised that Claire tried to kill her. It occurred to her that Claire tried to kill Tripp and Haley. Ben didn’t want her to say anything for now because he had a plan.

Claire told Eve about the fake passport. Claire said Tripp was going to leave her for Haley. She said she loved Tripp too much to let Haley have him. Claire said no one could have him if she couldn’t. Eve said she wouldn’t turn her in. Eve wanted to charge Tripp with helping Haley, but Claire didn’t want her to do that.

Eve was shocked when Claire said she wanted Tripp and Haley to burn in the cabin. Claire wanted to know what was wrong with her. Eve told her to get it together. Eve wanted to know if anyone saw her. Claire said no one saw her. Eve told her that Ben said Claire set the fire.

Claire was scared. Claire thought Ben would tell Ciara. Eve told her not to burn anything else. Ciara ran into Claire. Ciara told her that Ben said she set the fire, but she didn’t believe it. Claire was glad that she didn’t believe him. Ciara thought about Ben’s plan to turn on Claire so she would end up confessing to what she did.

Eli and Tripp showed up at the hospital with Haley. They said Haley wasn’t doing well. Gabi went to see Will. She was upset about Will dying. She didn’t think she could deal with that. Will and Sonny told her they were getting married. She was happy for them.

Tripp told JJ and Jennifer that Rory never showed up to the cabin. Tripp said Eli told him that Ben set the fire. Kayla told JJ that he could see Haley. Kayla wanted Tripp to get checked out.

Jennifer and Kayla talked about Will’s tumor. They needed to get the journal. Jennifer was upset that Eve had the journal last. Jennifer left to talk to Eve.

Eli let JJ see Haley. He told her that he was out on bail. She was upset. She apologized to him. He didn’t care about that. He said Tripp could distract everyone while they left. She didn’t want to run anymore.

Days of Our Lives 6-11-19 Recap 11th June 2019


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