Days of Our Lives 6-19-17 Recap 19th June 2017


Days of Our Lives 6-19-17

Days of Our Lives 6-19-17 Recap 19th June 2017

Days of Our Lives 6-19-17, Justin and Adrienne told Steve about rescuing Sonny on the island. Steve said he had ISA contacts that were going to look for them. Justin said John and Marlena were going to look for them. Adrienne said she and Justin were going to look for them too. Sonny took care of Paul. JJ and Lani caught Chad and Gabi together after they made love.

Steve told Adrienne that Anjelica was the one going after her. He said Anjelica was getting revenge on her for the past. Tripp followed Kayla around at the hospital. She told him about a patient who died. She told him that their treatments don’t always work. She told him to learn to deal with loss if he’s going to be a doctor. He overheard her telling a nurse about the patient who died under their care. Kayla told Tripp that mistakes were costly because doctors make the decision between life and death.

JJ and Lani went to check on Paul. Sonny told her that Paul’s fever was spiking. Lani noticed that something was wrong with JJ. He said there was nothing wrong. She reminded him about the things that were going wrong on the island. She warned him that Paul’s disease could end up having him kill them all.

Justin and Adrienne wanted to know why Anjelica wanted to get revenge. Adrienne said that the only connection between them was Alex. Justin said that Alex chose not to have anything to do with her. Adrienne thought that Anjelica would go after her. Adrienne and Justin talked about Anjelica going after them. He decided to call Anjelica. Steve told Adrienne that he would find information on Anjelica. Adrienne was upset about Sonny. She said she wasn’t going to think about anything else until Sonny is found.

Paul told Eli that he felt like the disease was affecting him again. Paul told Eli to kill him if the time came. Eli agreed to kill him. Eli was impressed by him being willing to sacrifice himself. Eli told him that he would kill him if he had to.

Kayla was happy that Tripp wanted to be a doctor. She said it would be nice to have a doctor in the family. He said it might happen. She said she hoped he would follow her again. He said it would.

Eli told Sonny that they should respect Paul’s wishes. Sonny said the jungle madness was making Paul insane. Sonny said that Paul didn’t know what they were doing. Sonny and Eli got in an argument over killing Paul. Paul managed to get his hands untied. He was watching Sonny and Eli while they were arguing.

Days of Our Lives 6-19-17 Recap 19th June 2017

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Days of Our Lives 6-19-17 Recap 19th June 2017
Days of Our Lives 6-19-17

John and Marlena found Chad and Gabi on the island. Sonny and Eli continued to argue over Paul until everyone came to tell them that they were rescued. Paul grabbed Eli’s gun from him. They fought over the gun.

Justin told Steve that he couldn’t get in touch with Anjelica. Steve told him not to worry about it now. He wanted him to focus on finding Sonny. Steve told him that Adrienne was clear to go to Greece. Tripp thought about Jade telling him about Steve being forced to sleep with Ava. Jade met Tripp at the town square and talked about what happened with Kayla. Tripp was still upset that Kayla killed his mother. Jade made the situation worse by telling him how Kayla killed his mother. Tripp said he was going to do something to Kayla.

Sonny told John and Marlena what was going on with Paul. John told everyone how he and Marlena found them on the island. Sonny told Paul that they were going to be rescued and that he was going to be okay.

Jade wanted to know what Tripp was going to do to Kayla. He told her that patients die even if doctors do things by the book. He said a file is filed when a patient died. He said all he had to do was alter a patient’s file a made it seem like it was Kayla’s mistake. He was going to change some things to make it look like Kayla was the doctor of death. Jade thought that no one would believe that Kayla would do that to her patients. He said he was going to start making her look bad. Jade asked if he was going to kill the patients. He said he wouldn’t. He said he was going to make sure Kayla’s career was ruined.

Marlena gave Paul a sedative. John thanked Sonny for saving Paul. John told Sonny to keep loving Paul. Gabi told Chad that she couldn’t believe they were being saved. She said she was scared. He said they were going to be fine as long as they were together. She agreed that they were going to be fine. He said he had to do something first.

Jade was willing to help Tripp get Kayla. She told him that they shouldn’t rush to do the plan. He agreed that they should take their time getting Kayla. While they were talking, Steve saw them together. Adrienne got a call telling her that Sonny and the others were saved. Chad struggled with getting rid of the amulet. After they buried it, Sonny went to spot where Chad buried the amulet.

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Days of Our Lives 6-19-17 Recap 19th June 2017