Days of Our Lives 6-28-17 Recap 28th June 2017


Days of Our Lives 6-28-17

Days of Our Lives 6-28-17 Recap 28th June 2017

Days of Our Lives 6-28-17, eimos was excited about what the drug was doing to everyone. Everyone was feeling the affects of the drug. Eli wanted to talk to Deimos. Deimos was nervous that Eli knew who he was.

Hope told Rafe about Deimos’ motivation. She said that he wanted to get revenge on Victor. She said that Sonny took Titan from him and he was upset. Rafe wanted to change the subject.

Eli didn’t recognize Deimos. Eli told him to give Gabi another drink. JJ and Lani thought they were on drugs. Abby thought that she and Chad were renewing their vows. He said they were renewing their vows.

Days of Our Lives 6-28-17 Recap 28th June 2017

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Days of Our Lives 6-28-17 Recap 28th June 2017
Days of Our Lives 6-28-17

afe proposed to Hope. Gabi told JJ that he was with the woman he cheated on her with and was rubbing it in her face. Gabi and JJ argued over her moving on with Chad. While they were arguing, Lani asked where Chad was.

Chad told Abby that she left him. She said she made a mistake. He asked if she changed her mind. She said she changed her mind.

Eric told Nicole that he was afraid he was going down the same path as before. She said that he didn’t have that much to drink. He said it didn’t matter. Eric ended up seeing Daniel.

Eric told Nicole that he saw Daniel. She saw him too. Eric told him that he wished he could trade places with him. Daniel said it was his time. Eric said it wasn’t his time. Eric blamed himself for what happened. Daniel told him not to waste his life.

Rafe told Hope he loved her. He didn’t have a ring so he gave her something else. She told him she couldn’t marry him yet.

Sonny told Gabi and JJ that they were ruining the party. Sonny told them to kiss and make up. JJ kissed Gabi on the cheek. He also hugged her. Lani was upset when she saw them together.

Chad and Abby renewed their vows. He told her that he loved her. He gave her the ring and pledged his love for her. She said her vows to him. After they said their vows, they kissed each other.

Eric couldn’t believe that Daniel wanted him to have a good life. Daniel told Nicole to tell Eric to let go of his pain. Daniel wanted her to tell Eric that he was a good man who made a mistake. Daniel wanted her to tell him that they forgave him only of he forgave himself.

Rafe thought Bo was the reason why Hope couldn’t marry him. She said she would always love Bo, but she loved him. She said that wasn’t the reason why she wasn’t marrying him. Lani was upset with JJ for practically making out with Gabi.

Deimos found Sonny on the floor. Sonny pulled off Deimos’ disguise. Deimos got rough with Sonny. Deimos told him how he wanted the power of running Titan. Deimos said he was more like him than he realized.

JJ and Gabi danced with each other. Eli found Lani outside. He wondered why she and JJ were fighting. She said JJ loved Gabi. Eli said Gabi didn’t love JJ and that he was an idiot for not seeing how beautiful she was. They kissed each other.

Nicole told Daniel that she didn’t know how to forgive Eric after what he did to him. She said she lost Holly because of it. Daniel said Eric was a good man and she needed to forgive him. She told Daniel that she would forgive Eric for him. She kissed Daniel, but it turned out to be Eric.

Sonny told Deimos that he would have him arrested. Deimos wanted the amulet. He took it from Sonny. Sonny told him that he wouldn’t get away with it. Deimos said tomorrow he wouldn’t remember anything.

Chad wanted to go after Deimos. Abby tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen. He went after Deimos. She wanted to go, but Chad said no. When he left, Abby went with him.

Hope said she couldn’t marry Rafe until Deimos paid for everything he did. Rafe reminded her about what happened with Stefano. He tried to stop her from leaving. Gabi told JJ, Lani, and Eli that she saw Deimos and that he was in the house. JJ told Lani that he was going to kill Deimos when they found him. Deimos was shown with a knife in his chest.

Next on Days of our lives, Everyone wakes from their Halo-induced sleep to find themselves with strange bedfellows; Gabi stumbles onto a dead body; Raines arrives to tell them that they are all suspects; Hope has a potentially life-threatening reaction to the drug.

Days of Our Lives 6-28-17 Recap 28th June 2017