Days of Our Lives 6-30-17 Recap 30th June 2017


Days of Our Lives 6-30-17

Days of Our Lives 6-30-17 Recap 30th June 2017

Days of Our Lives 6-30-17, Rafe took Hope to the hospital. He told Kayla what happened to her. Lani told Eli that she implicated JJ in Deimos’ murder. JJ told Raines that he didn’t remember if he killed Deimos.

Rafe told Kayla that Deimos drugged everyone’s drink because he wanted the amulet. Kayla couldn’t believe that Deimos would do that. She made Rafe leave the room. He saw Steve and told him that Hope was drugged with Halo. When Rafe and Steve went to talk about it, Tripp thought it was perfect.

Kayla told Rafe and Steve that Hope was stabilized. Kayla said the drug Hope got wasn’t as bad as the one Lani had. Kayla said Hope was going to be okay. Rafe was relieved.

Days of Our Lives 6-30-17 Recap 30th June 2017

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Days of Our Lives 6-30-17 Recap 30th June 2017
Days of Our Lives 6-30-17

Abby was upset with Lani for implicating JJ. Lani told her why she had to tell the truth. Abby apologized to Lani. Raines questioned JJ about the murder. JJ was upset that he couldn’t remember anything. Raines had an idea how to get him to remember.

Chad called Abby to check on JJ. She said he was still getting questioned. Chad wanted to talk about what happened. She agreed to meet him so they could talk.

Tripp took Hope’s file. He changed the dosage of the medicine Hope needed. He put the file back before the nurse came back. He said he would stop the drug in time. Rafe went in to see Hope. He talked to her about their plans. He reminded her that he proposed to her. He said it wasn’t the drugs talking. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

JJ wanted Lani to remember what happened. She said she only remembered the fight. She didn’t see him kill Deimos. Raines brought Marlena to help him remember what happened.

Lani told Eli that they shouldn’t have kissed. He said it was the drugs. He said they didn’t have any control over it. Marlena hypnotized JJ. She asked him to tell her what he remebered. She asked him about Deimos. JJ remembered that he threatened to kill Deimos. JJ said he went to find Deimos. She asked if JJ attacked Deimos. He said he did.

Abby met Chad at the town square. He asked about JJ. She said she was trying to remember what happened, but she couldn’t. She only remembered flowers. He said they renewed their vows. He also said they kissed. He asked if she remembered anything.

Tripp stopped the nurse from giving Hope the sedative. He told her that the number was wrong. The nurse still wanted to give it to her. Kayla showed up and told her the dosage was wrong.

Chad told Abby that he only remembered the kiss. She said she did too. He said that the kiss didn’t mean anything. She said he was with Gabi. He said she was with Dario. They wished each other luck in their relationships. She said she would always care for him.

Marlena took JJ out of hypnosis. She said JJ didn’t remember killing Deimos. She said he remembered attacking Deimos. She told him to call if he needed anything. When Raines walked Marlena out, Lani came in the room. She asked JJ how it went. He told her that he remembered attacking Deimos. He thought he might have killed Deimos

Hope woke up when Rafe went to see her. She didn’t know what happened. He was going to get Kayla to tell her what happened. She asked about Deimos. Rafe said Deimos was history. She wanted to go to the station, but he stopped her.

Kayla couldn’t believe that she made the mistake. Steve told her that she didn’t have that much sleep, but she said there was no excuse. She said it was because of Tripp that Hope didn’t die.

Abby asked JJ how it went with Marlena. Raines told JJ to call an attorney. JJ wanted to know why. Raines said the blood on his shirt matched Deimos’.

Next on Days of our lives, JJ is charged with murder.

Days of Our Lives 6-30-17 Recap 30th June 2017